Friday, March 11, 2016

where do i begin...hhm trailer updates..lots of pictures....

Honestly i would love to get back into blogging...but i keep forgetting about this poor thing. Now i don't even remember how to add widgets and stuff or change the step at a time....first...a new post.  Last you heard i had gotten my new trailer...My Funny Valentine...i still love her to pieces.  I have a fan page on Facebook if you are interested in seeing or following..lots of pictures and the first place i update with new things!

but lets look in my file on my computer and see what we have there...
here is her back end...starting to collect travel stickers...and groups and clubs and interests. I can remember as a kid seeing these on old trailers and found it fascinating!...

Here are some photos of the initial decorating! I had so much fun with this theme....but hold on..this is only her first...but lets get this post done first..then i will update with her second look....and i hate to admit..her third and fourth look are already in progress...with more after that even..hahaha

Here she is getting her polka dots! I used my Cricut cutter and the white vinyl you can get for this at the craft stores. Took about $40 to do..and they have held up fabulous so far! I figured as cheap as it wouldn't take much to replace any when needed!

I love love restoring items. I had saved and saved babysitting and sewing money for this table set. One of my pride and joys. It originally was oak. I had gotten it from the Turkey Farm way back when i was young with the older kids and with my ex..we didn't have much.  Unfortunately when we remodelled our kitchen here in our big house it was set where else to put it at the time..and the rain ruined it. So the frames got stuck into the basement for 15+ years.  I thought it would be perfect to go with my trailer with a face lift. I searched high and low for the table top and to no avail the correct size for the seats. So I ended up buying only the top from a seller on Etsy (unfinished pine) and then cut out rough circles and then added fabric covered with clear vinyl for the seats. I am so happy with how it turned out!

Here she is with her polka cute ...isn;t she?...

So last summer we actually went on a couple of camping adventures! I found this cute family owned campground called Eby Pines in Bristol Indiana. It is near Shipshewana and some other great places...oh and the factory where she was made!  Here we are back from our maiden voyage..we had such a great time!  My camping assistant Turner.....makes life so much easier..we have the set up and tear down down pat now!  Jon is some times reluctant.but he seems to enjoy it. And Maddie...Turner's girlfriend at the time...they have broken up since..ah young love....

here we go...first journey nervous and excited at the same time!

of course i had to have the appropriate camping

my view...i was right across from the pond! At night they have a lit fountain that goes until 11pm or relaxing and beautiful!

here is our set up....It is so funny...every time i set up i had a gazillion people stop and ask about here...i would have to ask them to come back after i was done and i would be more than happy to show them. I also tried to keep the trailer neat and clean..since i gave so many tours to!

getting pretty with the lights!

here you can see it with the lights! I am so excited about going again this year..

of course i found heart lights! haha. I decided though that these battery operated ones are a i just pulled the hearts of and plan on putting them all on a twinkle light strand of 50 lights instead!

One last part to this post..but i promise there is was a busy year...and definitely more coming in the future...and quilts! I have gotten back into making quilts....yay!  

So here you see a yucky rug..old,dirty and stained. I had it on the front porch and the boys did the cinnamon challenge....if you google that...promise me you won't do it. I am surprised no one choked to death. But if you ever wondered if cinnamon stains? does..  Any how it was destined for the trash..but WAIT!! it is red...sooo i came up with this idea to paint it with roses to cover up the stain. I figure it was going to be trashed....and it can get dirty camping and no big loss. So here you see in stages how it got a facelift. It has not been used yet. I have been working on projects here and there all winter for the trailer...can't wait to use them all!

here i did the basic layout..but then left it for a few months. But after Christmas i always seem to get this urge to finish projects.and seriously have done tons..yay!

I decided painting on the floor was way to hard on my back. so i had Tyrus bring up my two 8ft tables to my doll room so i could finish this. It actually sat here for another was the desire to start working out in this room again that finally got me going to finish I started to add more of the stems and leaves. Once i got back into only took a couple of days to finish!

more details being added...

the next paint pen outlines..and voila..finished!

well i am going to stop here! I hope you enjoyed my tour and projects!  See ya soon!

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