Sunday, March 20, 2016

Winter Catchup...UFO attack...

It seems in winter each year, i get this itch to finish some unfinished fabric objects....aka UFO's!  Here is yet another one I am working on.  A quilt i had started over a year ago for my grand daughter Flora...who just turned 3 on the 18th of this little darling!  So here you  see what I found when i pulled the project out of it's tub....  Finished daisy blocks and the strips....

So i finished cutting those into the appropriate units and got to sewing...  

such beautiful and soft colors!!! I love the combination...i did good when i picked these out last year! So weird going back to a project you started in the past....not being able to remember what you were thinking at the time. Some times it takes a while to get reaquainted with the project....some times you even have to develop a whole new relationship with the project...

she is coming together! Got the squares sewn and the order of the blocks created!

here it is all assembled and bordered! It is still at this stage at the moment. I bought the batting and backing fabric this week..but won't be able to get the quilting done until i get my Bernina back.  My cheapo Singer is getting me from point A to point B...but it is limited....dropping feeddogs for free motion quilting is not one of it's 

so the other bug that hits me in the cleaning and organizing bug....this was what i was facing as i was working on Flora's quilt.  I huge pile of fabric collected in the center of my work table from a years worth of projects..pile one on top of another.  

here you see my fabric storage...well some of my fabric storage...there is tons more in various other spots!  Here i store my yardage and the tubs hold the fat quarters and scraps..sorted by color!  

So i spent one morning sorting the piles by color....and then got them into their appropriate tubs!! This is a lot of fabric!
now i can breathe a little....I unburied more unfinished projects in the process....but i am getting there!

and yet another UFO....from years ago...i am thinking 8-10 years. A beautiful finished quilt top...just waiting for backing and batting and quilting! I plan on getting this one quilted after i finish Flora's! Isn't this cute though?....i LOVE ladybugs! 

well speaking of quilts and UFO's..time to get to work...errr play actually! Have some new curtains for my trailer in progress..after i get tax stuff for hubby done...i am hitting the sewing maching...more pictures later!  Have a beautiful first day of spring my friends!

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