Saturday, May 21, 2016

Spring Can Opener Glamping trip with the Mitten Kittens

oh lort...what a fun trip it was....hold on to your hats...lots and lots of photos for your veiwing pleasure and eye candy fix...

so here we go with the tour of my glamping set up!
Side table with my vintage looking gumball machine, hand made fabric roses and vintage rose glasses!  A beautiful vintage table cloth to cover the table...and one of my flower boxes..

my mushroom Gnome house....unfortunately when i took it down Friday night i broke the wire in the i was not able to set it up for the main glamping day on Saturday for the tours...*sigh* oh well!

the Gnome theme went wild...i had so much fun! Notice the gnome hats on the flamingos..a boy with beard and girl with

my 4 foot tall boyfriend...he was a hit!  

Side view with my hand painted rug and details. the awning turned out lovely as well....i opted to not put it up Saturday due to the crappy weather and sure made the look!

the front view! I think the polka dots took

 some inside you are going in...i actually did tuck in the blanket after i snapped this photo...oops...
the bed all made is so bright and cheerful!

my spice board and details of the sink area 

my kitchen area:

 the back bench...of course a trio of dolls had to come with me...
 my fridge with my decal...petticoats and dress ready for the big day!

camoflage for the TV!

beautiful view looking out!

the wall near the door!

still a stained glass rose heart..

i had a wonderful time.  We estimated that we ended up with close to 700 people touring the trailers that weekend.  We really weren't expecting that kind of response...woah nellie!

Here i am on Saturday with my matching Polka Dot Gnome Dress...the gnomes are from my favorite fabric designer Michael Miller....the dress actually came first..from last year...
Truck and Trailer...hehe...the looks i get going down the hiway are hilarious!

 and last but not least...i won 3rd prize for the Glamping! Award given by the amazing Thrifter Sisters!