Saturday, May 21, 2016

Spring Can Opener Glamping trip with the Mitten Kittens

oh lort...what a fun trip it was....hold on to your hats...lots and lots of photos for your veiwing pleasure and eye candy fix...

so here we go with the tour of my glamping set up!
Side table with my vintage looking gumball machine, hand made fabric roses and vintage rose glasses!  A beautiful vintage table cloth to cover the table...and one of my flower boxes..

my mushroom Gnome house....unfortunately when i took it down Friday night i broke the wire in the i was not able to set it up for the main glamping day on Saturday for the tours...*sigh* oh well!

the Gnome theme went wild...i had so much fun! Notice the gnome hats on the flamingos..a boy with beard and girl with

my 4 foot tall boyfriend...he was a hit!  

Side view with my hand painted rug and details. the awning turned out lovely as well....i opted to not put it up Saturday due to the crappy weather and sure made the look!

the front view! I think the polka dots took

 some inside you are going in...i actually did tuck in the blanket after i snapped this photo...oops...
the bed all made is so bright and cheerful!

my spice board and details of the sink area 

my kitchen area:

 the back bench...of course a trio of dolls had to come with me...
 my fridge with my decal...petticoats and dress ready for the big day!

camoflage for the TV!

beautiful view looking out!

the wall near the door!

still a stained glass rose heart..

i had a wonderful time.  We estimated that we ended up with close to 700 people touring the trailers that weekend.  We really weren't expecting that kind of response...woah nellie!

Here i am on Saturday with my matching Polka Dot Gnome Dress...the gnomes are from my favorite fabric designer Michael Miller....the dress actually came first..from last year...
Truck and Trailer...hehe...the looks i get going down the hiway are hilarious!

 and last but not least...i won 3rd prize for the Glamping! Award given by the amazing Thrifter Sisters!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

quickie little post...My backsplash for My Funny Valentine...

had fun adding this quick backsplash yesterday. Done with Flexipixtiles that i found on Amazon! only took about half an hour to install. The photos don't do it justice...think Christmas ornaments..the deep red and shiny!


Tuesday, March 29, 2016

New Projects this week! Glamping we will go!

Well here we is going to be a rather long post...but lots of eye candy for you all!  Well after Christmas i get bored and start dreaming and looking for new things...and shopping happens too.  I had found this adorable mushroom play house. My current trailer theme as you know is all about the Gnome how could i resist this play house! I plan on bringing it with me to set up for the glamping trip when i go in May!  AND...when i went to get my pickets to build my picket fence (below)...look who had to come hom with me! My 42" gnomie...he is still nameless...just Gnomie for now.. I had him bukled in the front seat on my way home....i did catch a couple of men catch sight of him and laugh! I wonder what kind of looks i will get on the highway when i go camping?...haha!
so here you see...said pickets and lumber i bought for my fence....the project begins!

I wanted something unique and all my own. After extensive pinterest research and coming up short...i took matters in my own hands and came up with this idea. I traced a picket on the pointed end..then drew a heart shape at the top of that. Then i measured from the new "picket" top (not the heart...just the shape that was the same as the other end) Split that in half and  cut the pickets at the halfway mark.  I then used my scroll saw and cut out the hearts and the new "top" shape...  

here they are laid out..ready to be screwed onto the treated lumber 2x3 cross brace.  I had cut that 4" longer than my tongue measurement of my trailer!

here the first panel is screwed together. I had to buy one more picket the next day because i spaced them closer together than i originally planned!

so before i started painting the pickets...i paused and cut out two more i could paint one of them while waiting for the picket paint to dry.  The other one i will work on next!!

a little hint of the next project....I am re--using some wood and also some buckets from out in the garage...i love repurposing things when i can!

here the two halves of the fence are put together..the end is not exactly i spotted this can to hang there and make a floral arrangement in to hide the end a bit!

here it is!! Painted and with the floral arrangement...farther down on this post you will see the trailer with the flower boxes installed as well!

I also was able to get some of the little details done today too..Pigs can fly of course...  I mounted some hooks i have had for a

Here i used clear mirror clips to hook the wire for my flowerboxes on to. Originally i was going to use picture hanging hooks. I had cut the triangle off but realized the hole was way too small for the screws from the window frame. When i came back up and looked in the organizier again..i spotted these clear clips and the screws fit perfectly! Woohooo!  love those serendipitous moments!

 here you can see the flower box I mounted under the bathroom cute!

The end of my trailer...two boxes and my darling fence..did the happy dance today when i got it all put together!

just inside the cute and fun hooks!!  I found these at Michaels hobby store!

Another one off the to-do list! Ever since i got my traler these clear doors drove me nuts.  You can not store anything inside there with out seeing it.  Even when i folded the blankets and linens neatly it still looked messy.  So i took one of the clear panels out, used it to measure out two pieces of cardboard. I covered each with red gingham fabric that i used that darling Shasta trailer duct tape with..i knew i would use it eventually! haha...and then i used tiny nails at each corner to hold them in place.  I took each door off by unscrewing the hinges from the frame...and then remounted them..took maybe 15 minutes!

I also finally mounted my knife was too i came up with the idea of turning it at an angle..looks Like i meant to do it that way...hehe

Well that is it for the moment..lots more in progress!! I hope you enjoyed my pictures and descriptions! I having a blast here!  hehe  big hugs to you all!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Apple Purse...

 A fun project i did last year!! a Quilted Apple purse from my own design.  After looking at Disney inspired outfits and falling in love with an apple purse that was over $400 i decided to take things into my own hands and make one of my very I drew up a pattern and picked out fun fabrics and came up with this!
the basic shapes after crazy quilt piecing the sides, I then appliqued the apple center and added the dimensional leaves!

then i created a zippered side..I used heavy duty interfacing used for belts and other heavy items!

Here you can see the finished results!!! I really think i need to make more fruits..a green pear, a watermelon get the picture! 
the other side!

worm detail I ended up swapping this one out for a hand needle felted one with a pipe cleaner core...He was more realistic and dimensional!
like these guys...I made these after i made the one for the fun for photos! haha

Some of my dress creations! This one was for Valentine's day last year. I used left over fabric from the curtains for my trailer! I had a couple of choices and used the other one with this fabric as trim, so i had a bunch left over. At the moment this dress no longer fits...i got a bit chubbier this last year *sigh*

I fell in love with these cowboy i had to make a dress to wear when i picked them up.....I am loving this pattern. It is the same pattern i recently used for my Hamburger dress

well time for me to go do my belly dance work out!  Next quilt along Bloom (from Bee in my Bonnet aka Lor Holt) quilt i am working on....

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Winter Catchup...UFO attack...

It seems in winter each year, i get this itch to finish some unfinished fabric objects....aka UFO's!  Here is yet another one I am working on.  A quilt i had started over a year ago for my grand daughter Flora...who just turned 3 on the 18th of this little darling!  So here you  see what I found when i pulled the project out of it's tub....  Finished daisy blocks and the strips....

So i finished cutting those into the appropriate units and got to sewing...  

such beautiful and soft colors!!! I love the combination...i did good when i picked these out last year! So weird going back to a project you started in the past....not being able to remember what you were thinking at the time. Some times it takes a while to get reaquainted with the project....some times you even have to develop a whole new relationship with the project...

she is coming together! Got the squares sewn and the order of the blocks created!

here it is all assembled and bordered! It is still at this stage at the moment. I bought the batting and backing fabric this week..but won't be able to get the quilting done until i get my Bernina back.  My cheapo Singer is getting me from point A to point B...but it is limited....dropping feeddogs for free motion quilting is not one of it's 

so the other bug that hits me in the cleaning and organizing bug....this was what i was facing as i was working on Flora's quilt.  I huge pile of fabric collected in the center of my work table from a years worth of projects..pile one on top of another.  

here you see my fabric storage...well some of my fabric storage...there is tons more in various other spots!  Here i store my yardage and the tubs hold the fat quarters and scraps..sorted by color!  

So i spent one morning sorting the piles by color....and then got them into their appropriate tubs!! This is a lot of fabric!
now i can breathe a little....I unburied more unfinished projects in the process....but i am getting there!

and yet another UFO....from years ago...i am thinking 8-10 years. A beautiful finished quilt top...just waiting for backing and batting and quilting! I plan on getting this one quilted after i finish Flora's! Isn't this cute though?....i LOVE ladybugs! 

well speaking of quilts and UFO's..time to get to work...errr play actually! Have some new curtains for my trailer in progress..after i get tax stuff for hubby done...i am hitting the sewing maching...more pictures later!  Have a beautiful first day of spring my friends!