Sunday, January 31, 2010

Steampunk pendant

Steampunk pendant
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I originally wanted to use a broken pocket watch given to me by my father and after several failed starts, changed direction a bit. I broke the opening mechanism and lost patience with trying to figure out how to repair it or make a new doo- hickey to open the door. So i abanadoned that and started looking around in my supplies. I came across the box with my tins and found this wonderful mint tin. It is about 2 1/4-1/2" tall or a bit more, the perfect size!! I used my Dremel and sanded off the I was sanding I discovered that it made this really cool texture on the raised instead of sanding all of the color off, I left it rough..then drilled holes to add the parts: a knocker, Tim Holtz gears, an old watch face and victorian wings and fan. I primarily used brads to attach the pieces with a bit of E6000 to anchor it is now ready for the round...despite the rocky start I am thrilled with my piece! The hardest part was stopping and leaving room for more additions..haha The inside is also posted on my flickr...additions can be made to the outside and/or inside of the piece!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Banners for a winter wonderland swap~!

these are for the Altered Art Diva banner swap that Debi Boring is hosting! hand painted canvas, about 5 layers...stamped with hand carved snowflake stamp, silver and white with glitter on the white snowflakes. I edged them with silver ink and then added a paper tree cut out with my cricut...embellished with a snowflake brad, a sparkly flower and fibers on the pretty! I wish i had papers that looked like the back grounds on these...hahaha I might just have to recreate that again....these are really sparklie too..unfortunately you can't see that in pictures!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Okay Cookie..ready to go out for a ride?

I Have been working all week on creating a stable for my horses for my dolls. I have had a couple of horses for a year or more..and when i got my new Urban Cowgirl themed dolls i just had to get twomore horses and then that led to finally making a stable...i had a blast making this..and ths room is the first in a series of stackable rooms...if you want to see in progress pics..please visit my the link in this post under the picture over to my blog!

the horses in their new home..

a detail shot...for the full story please visit my flickr..follow the link in this post!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

oooh no!!! they got out...

the shenanigans in Sunnyday Blythe Towers continue..Rickie got some new pets and they escaped!

I have to admit the best part about having a doll hobby is creating all of the tiny creatures and accessories and scenes for them! I had always said i wanted to work with miniatures and doll houses once the kids were old enough to leave stuff alone..i never realized how much fun it would be once i finally got to do it...Definitely worth the wait...and i am just getting warmed up! haha! I have lots of projects and scenes planned for this year! If you are interested there are a ton more photos on my flickr please visit!