Friday, August 31, 2007

so busy

this is the first time i have had time to get on the computer for more than 10 minutes...sorry for no new has been a crazy continues, new carpet on the stage in the theater, trying to keep up with the house, bills had to go out, new couch and love seat...i love that!....cleaned the garage up to move old couch until Ashton can come get it, football practice, school teacher meetings and orientations....busy busy busy

Friday, August 24, 2007

oh gees in allmy excitement i forgot to mention a couple of things...

todays wacko kid experience....lesson learned...never, never mention to any one including an older child a "fun" idea while one that is less than 4.5 feet tall is in presence or within a mile ear shot of your conversation....later it WILL haunt you. Salina's gf's had made some posters last night, while waiting for make up and photos. This poster making had glitter involved....well, i had noticed all of the glitter on the carpet after Salina vacuumed and she stated it wouldn't vacuum up....and since i have been reincarneted from either a show girl or a crow...anything that glitters makes me 'ooh and ahhhh'!! I had that temporary brain fart of thinking how cool it looked on the carpet. I told Salina it would be fun for a party to have glitter all over...soo pretty......**side note**...a 3 foot tall one was standing near by and over heard this statement.....So, about an hour later I came back downstairs to pick up real quick before Artie came home.....and "ooooooh sh**&&T" where were my sunglasses....there was glitter ALLLLLL over the house!~ the boys had found a styro foam cup of glitter and decided to do what I had said~ I think it will take a week of vacuuming to get it all up...the good news is..i still think it is pretty .ssshhhh don'ttell any one i said that...

and they ask why i drink so much wine...HAH!!!!

no internet?....

okay i just found out what purgatory must feel internet for 24 hours...don'tthey realize that the internet IS my socila life...i don't have friends other than the ones i have here....i seriously think this as a room or is so weird! but i have friends all over the world right here in my studio office! Speaking of which..please please please go to the bottom of my page here and add yourself to my buddy map! that would be so fun to see who actually reads my blog! well::: bleep bleeepbleeep:::: it posted the person's i got it from...ignore that statement....i will figure it out*** waaaaaa I want a buddy map***** end of whine....
okay so what does a girl like me do when her internet goes down...aside from wild sex...(okay i made that up..i dream of wild sex...hey a girl has got her dreams...oh wait! that is tomorrow's acitivity...yeah i know TMI!!!..rofl!)...any hoo....what does an artist girl do when her internet is down..well she makes art....and since i love all of you i am going to share my most favorite image that i made for my fairy involves my favorite puppy and one of my favorite vintage are welcome to click on it and dowload the high res image to play with in your artwork!~....

Okay lets see...what did i do in the last 24?...Well the excitement didn't really start until we were at football practice...before that it was the normal get to the gym by 9am, work out..come home to three sweet but in-the-way-of-normal-life-construction guys..a pack of wild kids and half the neighborhood and the balloon pooping pug know normal stuff. Okay cleaned the house, worked on my tornado struck storage room and got on the eliptical for 20 minutes..about died....and got Ty ready for football. (i am sure i could think of 40more things but won't bore you with the details...We had to get there early so he could get his game uniform. So we are there for a bit before practice start...the uniform guy shows up and tells us that a storm is coming....well a few minutes later Ashton calls to tell me he heard a storm was i keep watching the about half an hour into practice Ashton calls again yelling .. "that storm is hellacious!! about blew me across the parking is coming your way in less than 20 minutes" i relay this info to all the other mom';s...they all look up at me with that 'deer in the headlight look' and dont even more....well i see the ominious clouds and start packing realize i am not an alarmist..remember..i have 6 kids...i have seen about 90% of the events that can or will happen...but i thought i was being smart and would plan ahead and pack up....i did make a bit of a smart remark back at the other moms and dad's..."ah don't every one jump up all at once now...."!
well it gets a bit closer, call home and tell the girls that there is a huge storm..and i exagerate a bit at this point, tell them,there is a tornado warning...well...there was one in the other county...i guess this created a bit of a panic a few minutes later when the wind picked up!..ask me some day about 'wonder woman Stephanie' so i drive home, storm hits...nothing happened at home other than a neighbors tree lost a HUGE are running around like mad men and i ended up with a pile of teenage girls. Stephanie had Salina invite her gf's over and was doing hair and make up on all of them to build a make-up i played photographer later!
(Salina with make-up and hair done))

so, then i came up and did artwork on my now internet-less computer and created a few more 'Fairy Riders' for new sheets i am creating.....sooooo here is my favorite... for you to use!(click on it to get the big hi res image to download)
oh i did sneak in the start of my art-to-art swap stuff for Santa and Kris...but that has to remain hush hush until they recieve stay tuned for more fun and art.....
and if you read this far...thank you! thank you!~muwah..i love ya baby....

Monday, August 20, 2007

yuk...been sick the past few days...

i am sitting here sniffling...sucking what air i can through my nose and then giving up and breathing through my mouth that aggrevates my already sore throat...oh joy!

any way i am not here to whine. I am feeling better even if i can't breath. I have been working on my new set of scrap papers for Dream Street for our release in January and since it has to remain top secret and i can't share any pics with you, i thought i would share some of last weeks adventures on the football field and the goings on in Art's theater with you!
Oscar has captured my heart....look at that face...'nuff said

Yes, it is what you think it is....Turner was off on an adventure of his own at Tyrus' football practice...he came back with this fun prize to show us all....yuk! It is a mole~ he said it was doing mean thing to him?*(*^%???this child is something else...

What boy can resist climbing....even the mildest little boy enjoys the thrill of climbing something...

Now let's see what the big boys were up to on Friday....

How many men does it take to take down theater projectors...hhhhmmmm? Here they are taking them apart..Don , Cliff , Arli and the builder Dave in the background..but wait..there was also Artie and Ken looking on(not in picture) they weigh cloes to 150 lbs each...they are no more...the end of an era...the new projector will be up by this coming weekend...

here is Cliffie demonstrating the overwhelming emotions he was feeling that he was going to be able to take them home with him....he is selling one of them i think... he looks like an over grown kewpie doll or something i think..rofl

Oh NO!!! the moster cable is going to get Ken...back! back...get off Ken..i wont have a margaritta drinking buddy any more, if you eat him....

so there is a tiny taste of my crazy world....i would post more but i seriously don'twant to bore you to tears....i am off to go find some orange juice or some form of vitamin C and head for bed..keeping my fingers crossed that i can breath enough to sleep some tonight!~

Thursday, August 16, 2007

art published in Somerset Studios...

i am so excited..I had another piece published in Somerset Studios magazine..yeee ha! My little flying witch celebrate i am going to share with all of you the image of the cat and moon that i hand painted for that collage...they are just sitting there hanging around with nothing to i thought it would be fun to share! So please feel free to click to enlarge and then dowlaod to use in your Halloween art! Have fun and share what you do with it!!


two nominations for me....Karen Campbell nominated me for the Rockin Girl Blogger award
And Christy Grant nominated me for the nice matters to award this to other that haven't been nominated yet...
sooo i think i am going to do a two-fer and send both awards at the same time...cause all my friends are rockin girls and very nice too....
so i am nominating:
of course i could nominate another 20 or so....but thought they would be fun to add to the awards list...
okay enough playing for today!!
have a wonderful one..xoxox

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

busy week....

What a busy week! Weeell my mom and her new boyfriend visited earlier...Russ is wonderful and such a sweetie! We ended up taking a drive over to Kalamazoo and having lunch with Stephanie and Christopher...and Ashton. Later mom ran over to get Ashton so he could hang out and have dinner with us! I couldn't resist snapping a picture of his freshly shaven face with a nice neat hair cut!

Turner with the puppy...oh my he is such a camera ham!! Oscar is growing so fast.... weeeeeehhheee I got a new toy! One of my purchases visiting Ashton at World Market> i had to resist the urge for the spa robe for him...but ooh it was adorable...maybe next time i won't be able to resist...i swear he is liking having a new baby..or!

Ashton...pretty cute huh? son makes me proud!
Well let's see what else...oh! Dream Street Papers got talked about on the Diva Craft Lounge ( ) click on the CHA show..we are mentioned about 28 minutes in...a great show btw! They even mentioned my name..woohooo~ Tara was interviewed today look out for that show!!
I picked out the paints for my next set of pink is one of the colors...oooh it is soo purdy...can't give any more than that away....but keep tuned for sneak peeks in January...rofl..i know long time from now!
and let's see....ah big dent in my is changing a few things in his theater..bigger screen and new projector..then we are getting a hot tub..woo hoo and deck
and FOOTBALL season..oh yippee...actually Tyrus is so excited, this is his first year. I think i ambringing the camera tonight to play art this week...but soon i have some major art catching up..i think it will call for no!
well that is all for now...hopefully next time i will have some art to share...

Friday, August 10, 2007

new stuff in my store...

I decided to sell some of my collages. I have no idea why i have been saving them...time to clear out the old to make room for new...I had read some where on a fengshui site that if you are trying to lose weight, that it is a good idea to purge your home...ah....she obviously hasn't seen my home..or my butt!!..rofl...any way i have been purging...and am going to keep on purging until i get it all done. I have that need to lighten my my 5800 sq ft house and 58sq ft body..rofl!..okay i have been doing that positive affirmation thing..saying things like they already have i now refer to my body as my "little body"..ha ha ha..hey it sounds so much nicer to my ears and big brain..lool~

gees can you tell i have had a bit to drink..a glass of wine on an empty stomach..oooh!
any way i hate to sound like a stalker...but i was over at Elsie Flannigans blog(again) and noticed a challenge that she scrap about "24 things to do before she turns 25"..and i was thinking that actually might be interesting...i am 42..and my 43rd birthday isn't for another 10 months...that 42 things is i might actually create that list...but not tonight...I am adding it to that list!

any way, so far i have the collages and prices for sale posted on my i have not had the time to do the arduous task of creating the paypal buttons if you want one email me here"

okay off to see what might happen at the art table tonight..

Thursday, August 9, 2007

last green collage....

Okay here it last green collage. I wasn'tsure i would have the time or gumption to get this one done too..but i did..and they are on their way out to CA!!

phew my list is slowly getting is my list i made earlier this i could keep track. I ended up almost having an anxiety attach instead once I realized all the stuff i need to art...this does not include all the tasks of everyday being the mom of 6 kids...4 of which are home and driving me!

any way here is the particular order other than how i wrote them...although additions went above and inbetween the original list..

*Create new papers(...this means two sets of 9 originals...first draft..including research and gathering ideas and supplies)

*Dark RR book (start the new one..includes cover,introduction,sign in pages and two spreads)

*Green Collages for Somerset **DONE**
*Charms (...actually two due in Sept the other due in hostessing both)

*tropical zine (this is next after i finish the tiles...2 years of those UFO forever projects)

*tiles for Altered Sisters (have 3 more to go...see blog for the ones i did)

*Mail Frame to Tracy and crystal to Dana *DONE*

*Flat Sissies (14 original 4x4's due sept sometime of little characters sent in by each artist)

*Wee folk...two little gnomes to make as thank you's..waaaaaaaay over due

*Lorri's fabric art (from Lorri Scotts fabric pack..a sample of some sort)

*Jeri's teacup fairy...**DONE** other than packing and mailing

*Scrap her Picture swap...this is where i will get a scan of my partners photo(s) and i pick enough supplies to send to her to scrap her pictures

*scavenger hunt stash swap *DONE* I had to fulfil a list of items...15-20 of the list of 20 to send tomy partner..that was fun..but still it took time..about 2 hours to find and package it all. things like -5 white things-50buttons-10 pieces of chipboard, something metal...etc

*Diva Dictionary pages. 14 5x7 either original or copies with great embellies...

*create 3 more Fairy Rider sheets....okay at 6 images per page x 1.5 hours 1 hour each sheet time..that right there is about 30 hours work alone...

so i am sure if i thought about it there is more to do...phew!..doesn't it make you tired?....

hah!but the challenge is what makes my blood flow hot! off i go to get hot and sweaty first on my new eliptical...and then clean the house..and then and then and'd think i would be some skinny thing....

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

a little art today too....

despite all the excitment of new toys being delivered i actually squeezed in a bit of art...

i finished Jeri's pin..i hope she likes it!

today's fun....

my sagas for sure isn't ever boring around here....well today was delivery day...while waiting paitently all day for a package for my husband i got a call that my eliptical was repaired and our friend was bringing it over right after work..well we ended up taking it partially apart to bring it up the stairs! is Keith putting it back together...and me taking a little test drive!!

and then the crate came....the semi backed into our driveway to unload Art's is huge. When Art came home we determined that we needed to inpect for any damage..well i didn't think it was neccesary to wait for him to take the screws out so i grabbed the corless and went to town....Art thought itwas so cool that i just went ahead and did that...therefore he tok pictures of me...the other one has my tummy hanging i won't show that one...rofl! this is one giant crate...wowsers!!

what is in the crate? Well a new theater screen for Art's theater...he is changing his projectors and getting a bigger badder has motorized masking.... go here to see his theater:

i finally found my frog prince....

here is a sweet cookie jar i found garage saling a couple of weeks ago...poor guy still has his $4 price sticker on!!

The green collages

Here are the two completed "green" collages. I played with my photoshop images that are floating aroundevery where....the fish boy even got published...yay!..although no credit was given to me...that was a bit of a bummer...anyway i have fun with these....making themand then playing with them...i just realized i can only post 5 images per read below for my artful day and night yesterday...I used my new crepe paper for the flowers and the "seaweed"...what fun stuff!

An Artful day.....and night?...

I had a wonderful day yesterday. It started out early! I had to get baby Jon to the dentist at 8am so he could have a filling put in. Come to find he had two fillings with one needing a pulpectomy....a baby tooth root canal...eeeek~ poor little guy....but he sat there like a little trooper and did not peep one tiny bit! He is now pain free...i think!

so then i came home and hung out and dinked around in my studio a bit, got some package ready to mail and decided that when i dropped Turner off at Sylvan that i would stop in at Hobby Lobby and see if they have crepe paper..and also to check out the Love Elsie stuff every one was raving about....I think Elsie is an adorable and amazing and talented young lady...she is a mere 23(correction 24 going on 25..geesh that is so old..ha!) years old...the same age as my oldest Stephanie(okay pretty darn close). Any way...she is very inspiring and so gone it it should be a crime to be so!
I keep seeing these adorable crepe paper creations on i had to buy crepe paper...I am obsessed with trying some things you will see i made a few things with the green i bought...well i bought every color they make...rofl! I also bought some stencils and some other fun stuff to play with!

So after an hour and a half of wandering around HL..i bought a pile of stuff...every color of crepe paper, some of Love Elsie's rubberstamp set which i put to use in my two collages...what a fun font~ I also bought the latest Cloth Paper new friend Linda Cain has some art in for my afternoon tea i will sit and read that...and also i bought Elsie Flannigan's 52 challenges book...looks fun! I figured since i need to get familiar with the scrapping world...having assignments would be a great way to do it...i realized that is how i work best...tasks..give me a list and give me tasks! I made more messes of course..dumping out flowers and all sorts of fun stuff!

I also hung up my huge butterfly kite and hanging lights from my mom in my studio...and i completed two collages that i am going to submit for Somerset Studio's green issue....and i got Jeri's art printed and mounted on the should be dry and cured enough to cut it out today....and a third image for a third canvas. If i mail the collages by Thursday I will be able to get them there by Monday's deadline!
any way here my pics for today.....oooh! I almost frog prince cookie jar i found at a garage sale a couple of weeks ago...i have been meaning to share him since...

Friday, August 3, 2007

two more and i am done for tonight....

okay here are two more tiles...and it is almost 10 and i am pooped...but i have to say 6 pieces is a great accomplishment~

Christine's 'robin egg blue and orange' and Heather's 'flowers'

It's an Art frenzy..on MY!!!

okay i am really screaming tonight..ha ha...well what started as ...I am going to do 15 minutes if nothing else, sort of got the roll going...a long time coming roll!..phew!

first of all I got the collage part done for a commission, Jeri who is quickly becoming a great friend asked me to create an angel pin for her, using a picture of herself as a child. She had stated that she loves teacups, green, teddy bears, fruitcakes and wanted the caption of girlie girl some where on it....such a kindred spirit i i created, so far, a mini collage of her sitting on a teacup with a teddy bear sitting on the base...tonight i will print it out and get it adhered to the wood so it can cure over night so i can cut it out tomorrow on the scroll saw.

Well, then i started playing with more of the tiles for my local group the Altered far i have gotten 4 more done...Joanne's bird themed one, Lorri's houses, Lynn's alphabets and Fontayne's fnatasy in cool colors

okay off the computer and back to the drawing is way too much fun to be creating yeah!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

i DID some ART!!! yeaha

okay i finally just made myself hit my studio. I have some swaps coming due soon so i need to get to work! Today i made one out of 10 tiles for my local Altered Sisters group. this one is for Catherine..she provided the bingo card,the checkered border,stick and bingo chip to be used for the artwork..other than that we could do anything..phew1 what a fun ice now i have about 10minutes to pick up the house before Art gets


I have got to get myself used to this blog! So this morning a report on our new puppy Oscar...he is crazy and silly and soooo sweet. He just cracks me up! His little pitiful whine in the morning when he heard me get up was just too hard to resist. Of course he didn't want to potty he wanted to play~ Ugh this housebreaking things is the pits...our house is so big i can't keep track of himand sure enough before I find him he has left his little pile or mark...*sigh* I don't want another dog that thinks the whole house is a toilet...did that too many years with Mitzi...she never was housebroken. It took me too many years to finally realize and admit it...then she was so stubborn about it and then went senile and became worse....*sigh*

I hope today i can get myself to sneak in some art time...i miss it so bad, but because i have waited so long, now i feel rusty at it...and it is getting harder to be motivated to come play. I do have some swap things i need to i will use that deadline as my!

oh crap..I forgot about a scavenger hunt one...ACK! I better do that one first~

i hate when i get this way...forgetful and behind on things...although it was a rough week last week with Mitzi being put to sleep and sad...okay off to get ready for the gym....