Monday, March 14, 2016

Gnome away from Home

So of course Christmas has a way of inspiring things! When Hobby Lobby starts bringing out Christmas in August, or was it July? Being the lover of all things Christmas, I always have to sneak a peak!  I had plans for my trailer, to do a decorating scheme with each of the trailer colors. I am only allowed to have ONE trailer, hubby has made sure to tell me that ever since I flippantly made a comment about wishing I could have one in each color...Red, Butternut, Seafoam and the coveted custom pink! hahahahaha! I never really intended one of each, simply a pipe dream. However, having decorations in each of the colors is definitely doable!

So first new scheme: Turquoise and Red, inspired by the darling Christmas decorations I found way back when at Hobby Lobby! It started with this amazing Riley Blake fabric, the paisleys were so darn cute.

and the said Christmas decorations.  With the finished curtains here.
Outside got a bit of cheer as well!

I just love this wreath. This was what caught my eye first!  and it was downhill from there!

tiny pretty colors!

Then after the holidays I noticed that this guy that was sitting by my piano, matched the color scheme and I was planning on making a comforter cover for my feather comforter I had found at Goodwill!  So the Gnome theme was born!  Aren't those salt and pepper shakers so cute? A Trailer friend of mine, Tammy sent me those when she saw my theme. I just adore them!

So I began my projects! I first made the comforter cover, the colors just make my wee heart sing!!

I got the cover, some pillow cases and two of the pillows covered. I want to keep an element of the Hearts and love in each of the new designs. 

 a nice overview of the bed and curtains...

Finally was able to get around to the last 3 pillow covers. After much research I determined that "gnome pillows" was not something I could I drafted my own. Found a bunch of male and female images and drew from my favorites!! You can find my pattern for them here!

Here I have cut out the fabric elements and have them ready for applique!

a close up of the mushroom ready to go...

Finished. I used a simple fusible webbing with raw edges applique technique, using a buttonhole stitch to secure the edges, Fun and fast!

All of it together...It is so cheerful and bright in there now~

I miss my girl...towed her away....hoping I get her back this week some time!

So of course I haven't stopped with this theme....I have two more in the works already! hehe

I am hosting a camping Luau this summer! 

So of course I am going to need to decorate accordingly! I plan on reusing a bunch of the decorations from the Christmas Luau from a year and a half ago...what?...yeah I skipped over a bunch of fun life events...maybe I can recap at some time....Any how...evidence is already creeping into my studio..

I have curtain fabric laying around.  This is what I plan on doing:
and I have a tropical straw umbrella in my studio. I found it really cheap for $19.99 on Amazon....I love it. I am going to use the bar from the patio and decorate that as a Tiki Bar with this umbrella at my the fun continues..

I also have my Red Riding Hood in Pink and Red started.  More on that, next time.....I joined a quilt along and have my quilt started for that...hoping to get the curtains cut out this week as well...but that will probably be the Fall theme...and I will keep the gnomes and tropical in for now..

Well until next to all!

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