Sunday, March 20, 2016

Gluten Free Hamburgers!...

 For the last couple of years i have been eating gluten free. Recently i have noticed an even worse reaction to eating gluten.  I break out in these little hives on my chin if i eat much with gluten in it!  I have even reacted to my make up...yup! Makeup can have gluten in it..if you are sensitive to gluten you might want to check it!  Any my life the occasional treat for me is a wonderfully grilled hamburger with all the though it would have to be bunless.  So in celebration of that all American treat....i present to hamburger dress! LOL!

since i am chubby and hate newest fashion addition is leggings under my comfie and makes wearing dresses in the winter cozy..and my thighs don't rub together either..LOL!

and here I am.....notice the teensy hamburger earrings...found those on Etsy here: Fraidy Cat Crafts

Have gotten so many compliments when i wear this outfit!  I did notice that going to eat sushi in it..seems so what did i do?..order Sushi fabric of course...hhmmm now off to find some sushi earrings to go with.  I need to learn to make polymer clay things to make an endless supply of fun earrings!! hahah....

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