Friday, March 28, 2008

well sh*&

i swear i am in a fog lately....okay lets see...darn it i should have peeked to see where i left off...

well i can attest to today's adventure..Tyrus had surgery. His broken arm was checked this past xray, etc to see how things were progressing..well, he must have gotten a bit wild and displaced the bones in his wrist and had to have them surgically corrected and planned to have pins put in. The universe was looking out for him...the doctor (doc Langworthy) found that the callouses of the healing area of the broken wrist bones, were still soft and was able to "pop" them back into place. So no surgery: incisions or pins were necessary..yay! Ty was such a trooper through this whole process...what a sweet boy! so it all turned out okay!!

Lets see what else..not a whole lot. I am trying to do some R and R..I so seriously need it. I just want to hibernate with no company, no special demands, nothing...on some days i wish i could just crawl into a hole and hide from the world. I must really need it because i keep getting sick. That is my signal from my body that i just need to stop and do not much~ I have never been this sick so much in my life. It started with the after effects of the trip to California for the papers, I was down for 5 days with a horrible upper respitory infection..and i have relapsed this week with a bad sinus infection...on antibiotics hopefully i will heal fast!

i have fallen into a fun thing though, and have been having so much fun playing..the world of Blythe dolls(go google them), it seems silly in some ways..but it really has brought me so much pleasure the past few weeks. I know i was supposed to wait..but i pulled my secret stash money i have been saving up and bought 3 of them...i just adore them(Art if you read this..forgive me..but it was my special spending money just for such an incident...i just HAD to have the girls~) It really has kept a smile on my face and has gotten me excited again..i really think i was heading for a bout of depression without it...I have fluctuated so much the past couple of months and i hate that. I rarely talk about it, to any one, not even Art for some reason i feel embarrassed by it..or less worthy...i try to be strong and wonder woman,kwim?...but i know there is a history in my family and i have to admit that i can be victim to it too. Although mostly i get affected with anxiety..but the let down after, can be depression!~ the best thing for me to do to battle it, is to keep exercising(shich i have been doing) and to find something that makes me smile...and these dolls have been that answer. and definitely cheaper and more effective than therapy..ha ha~
check out my little stories and scenarios at flickr..
i love that place and have sooo many friends there.

i broke my cardinal rule of not having pictures on my post...but that is what is so...but i promise next post..lots of pretty pics~ (if you go to my flickr there are lots of pics!~)
hope all is well in every ones world out there..
lots of love and hugs!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

sooo what american accent do you have?

On my Altered Art Diva site one of the gals posted this fun quiz..we tease each other all the time on which ones of us have an are my about you?
What American accent do you have?
Your Result: The Midland

"You have a Midland accent" is just another way of saying "you don't have an accent." You probably are from the Midland (Pennsylvania, southern Ohio, southern Indiana, southern Illinois, and Missouri) but then for all we know you could be from Florida or Charleston or one of those big southern cities like Atlanta or Dallas. You have a good voice for TV and radio.

The West
The Inland North
The South
North Central
The Northeast">What American accent do you have?">Quiz Created on GoToQuiz

Monday, March 17, 2008

A little of this and a little of that..catch up post

Let's see where i left off....oh yeah..the room...this is as far as i is nice and bright and clean..yay! Then i had a bad episode of ADD...(Artist Distractive Disorder) and started to play with dolls....

I have fallen in love with Blythe dolls....oh my! and am getting one very the meantime i have been getting ready....I had Ashton help me drag up the Barbie house from the basement along with all the tubs of clothes and furniture....cleaned it all up and sorted through the clothing...Blyhte dolls' bodies are the same size as skipper dolls..
here you see my we sonny angels coming to get a closer look of this monstrosity....if you want to see the whole story go to my flickr site..just setting that story up was fun.....This is called play therapy..been needing it lately....after this post i do have to get some domestic duties done and work on the is awreck after the weekend...and a pile of boys running in and out...dirt, mud, name it it's on the floor..
so I also in preparation and excitement have decided to play making clothes! This is a skipper doll i couldn't post her on the blythe site..therefore the disguise...i am making 3 of each for me and two to sell....this one is the first finished so far...i have 3 dresses finished too..but want to make her accessories before i post a picture....
detail of thermal undies..has elastic at the top....
felt monkey dolls for her to go to bed with....about 1 3/4" tall
Another project i have worked on is this mini book...I used the diecuts for the mini albums from my Father Knows Best paper lines and created a book about readthe whole story go visit the Creative Therapy blog to see what it is all about~ I am on their design team along with many other very creative women! Please come play with us!!! I plan on putting a permanent banner on the side bar here soon...

So for now that is what i have been up to....been playing and enjoying a reprieve from crazy busy..and hope it lasts a while longer...i have been so needing this....see ya next time..hopefully with pictures of the mural...need to work on that this looking forward to it!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

In case I am quiet for a few days....

This is where I will be....
using all of this and much more paint. first I am repainting all the base colors...starting with the ceiling..the the the bottom and a blue sky..then will be painting a city scape with robots all around the room....some will be space robots...probably on the right wall there by the door... So if you are looking for me...that is where I will be for afew...then I will be going to Jon's room and creating some sort of jungle scene...he has new scooby doo safari sheets..and then on to the bathroom which is currently Moulin Rouge that I am the only girl in the house..and that doesn't happen to be my bathroom...well it is going to be transformed into a vintage hollywood comedian walls...we are replacing the damaged vanity either with black or very dark wood and the tired 90's style vanity light...then I plan on painting film strip all around the top of the walls inserting images of Charlie Chaplin, Laurel and Hardy, Abbott and Costello..maybe Jerry Lewis and more(if any one can suggest more please do so) i am excited..home improvement projects get me excited...Oh and after those, if I have any energy left..i plan on redoing Salina's room....the hot pink and turquiose just doesn't work for the boys...I think I am going to make it into a "club house" for the boys....and really paint it to look like the inside of a homemade treehouse...the boys can have their games and video games and stuff in there....they loved the idea~

okay..wish me luck and no paint spills
love and hugs!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

today's necklaces..

I had a nice afternoon bending wires and manipulating jump rings..phew! my hands are tired. Here are the two necklaces i made and green earrings....i had already made the red earrings a while back...fortunately i spotted them and didn't make another pair of red earrings...i forget whati make sometimes..rofl~Most of the stuff is from my stuff I found yesterday...but i did add some from my stash in also!

Ann Arbor trip...lots of cold and some shopping

Well, Art and i went to Ann Arbor (Michigan..home of the Universtiy of Michigan) It is such a beautiful city. I enjoy walking around and shopping in all of the little stores and boutiques. Of course for me the most interesting ones are the ones that have stuff to make things and ones with books. So I started my morning off at 9am at Borders. I dropped Art off, at his course (the reason we came) and then headed over to the parking lot right behind Borders. A green tea latte,a huge bag o' books and an hour later I emerged, to stroll through the bitter cold to explore the town further.

First though...this is what resulted at home. Stephanie took the boys over to Kalamazoo for lunch and some sledding. Tyrus was playing hot-rod sledder and took the ramp of snow...and landed on his wrist. Xrays this morning confirmed our worries...yup! it is broken...poor guy. He hasn't complained though of the pain..said it was around a "4"*edit* Art just told me that Tyrus said this morning at the hospital that he was airborn and despite the pain..and that it was all worth it...rofl! My Border's Bookstore finds...a digital photography magazine..the latest Belle Armour and Bernie Berlin's ATC workshop book, She invited me to participate in her next i figured I better get the first one so i know what I am getting intoThe biggest book i have ever owned. I just couldn't resist, according to the introduction this is the most complete book on Leonardo ever is aWesome!The Michigan Theater...a most beautiful example of theaters of the early 1900's. this theater was completely restored afew years ago. It is amazing~Art and I were able to go see a restored version of the movie "Metropolis" from approx 1926. A silent film of course. the cool part is that they had an organ player playing the musical scores that were created for it...just like in the old days~Look at all the snow i had to trek through..brrrrMy goodies that I found. I went to a shop called the Bead Gallery on Liberty I want to make more button and bead necklaces...One in red and one in greens..later at the end of the day I found this jar of vintage green and reds no less...YAY!!~that was in the Kerrytown mall where Hollanders paper store is and a little shop upstairs called "Found"
a close up of the "shroom" pendant...see it inside?..It is going on my "lucky" green necklace...i think it will have a foresty theme...with some shamrocks thrown in for good pure yum!!!i LOVe vintage buttons. I took a picture of the jacket from my dad that inspired one of the papers in my Father Knows Best paper set...and there are vintage buttons on that...I made that at least 17 years vintage buttons have always been a soft spot for me. I am thinking of digging out my vintage canning jars and organizing my buttons by color. Every time i see someone's studio or craft room i drool over their buttons when they do that~
I also visited this fun boutique called Orchid something or other..geesh my memory. They carry clothing, accessories and decorations from all over the world. They buy directly from the artisans, so they do a great job supporting the artisans of the different areas. These felted flowers are from Nepal~
I always visit a shop called Peaceable Kingdom. I found that cute fairy mint tin in the above picture and couldn't come home empty handed for the I bought them these cute retro tin wind up toys
Turner is my ham....and such a poser in front of the

I hope you enjoyed my little adventure and shopping trip...i am closing this today with my last picture..of my new friends that I found for half off at Hobby Lobby last week....they need names...aren't they fun?
now off to go make some necklaces with those new beads and buttons! Happy Sunday every one!~