Thursday, April 16, 2015

Well still no camping..but plenty of fun with My Funny Valentine

i left you with a minor introduction of my new adventure....well the excitement is still there...i am still enamored with my new toy and also have made so many new friends on Facebook groups  on the Shasta Re-issue club and various other trailer fun!

Well i was able to get my trailer home safely, by wait Turner went with me and is a tremendous help with set up and unhitching...

here she is hooked up and ready to come home:
then of course the fun began....curtain fabric choosing....adding all sorts of decorations and accessories..and i even have spent the night out there and frequently go out on weekends to watch movies with some wine...Every Tuesday my grandson Micah requests watching a movie out there as well...even though i have not taken her out of the drive yet..i am having loads of fun!
here...lots of pictures....the beginnings...adding the needed items..choosing fabrics for curtains...

then it got serious...the curtains were made...more items were purchased..decorating got into full swing...

i had kept the bed made for the longest time..but wanted to try out a table setting. It got to stay because i found out that if i turned the TV around and made the gaucho in the back into a small bed.. I am able to watch my movies back fun.. and cozy!

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