Tuesday, May 4, 2010

robin eggs ready to hatch..

another fun charm. I was trying to think outside of the box for the charm swap..and was brain storming for things that were different..for som reason this image of an egg with one wing coming out came to my minds eye! I giggled and and decided not only would it be fun and unique t also very symbolic. For me it kind of represents a stage that i am in at the moment..needing to hatch and fly ...so here i am stretching out that first wing to catch the wind...and eventuall i see takin off....one step at a time..gotta finish hatching first...
well i have one more set to come up with this week...an get the fire going under my stragglers butts to get theirs done too..haha

well smooches for now!

hand cut and hammered copper "wing" charm

these were another experiment! I just love the look of metal jewelry. Again with no experience or time to take a class, i decided to play and see if i could come up with something acceptable. I first cut the tag shapes from a sheet of craft copper i had that i use for pin backs when i make my shadow box soldered pins. sanded the edges and corners, hmmered them to make them rustic looking, punched holes..i now knowi seriously need a cropodile if i am going to be punching any more metal. then i inserted the eyelets n then punched to word "wing" into each. then i aged them a bit with alcohol inks and to highlight the words..

faux silver clay charms for swap

I have always loved the look of silver clay, but ave not had the time to take a class to learn how to work with it. So, i got creative and tried my hand at creating the look with a silver polymer clay instead. I am thrilled with how these actually look..not exactly silver clay..but pretty darn close...

Sue's charms for winged thing charm swap

Sue's angel charms for the 'winged thing' charm swap..aren't they cute? Beautiful beads and such....i just love them