Thursday, September 24, 2009

me again...been playing.. season is upon us..Tyrus is getting huge..about 3/4" more and he will be tall as 12!! I get this feeling he is going to be HUGE! My football the red of his new school..yippee!(i really dislike the previous blue of the other school)...only an artist would
Football games galore...
Halloween altered cabinet cards....i am having fun..more than half way done...Little Miss Muffet
Double Double toil and trouble


Trick: for the eyes

too much POISON!

creepy crawly

My latest Blythe stories..Ash and Kendall have had a long term love/hate relationship. Kendall realized that it was more of a Love relationship when he left and visited a friend of ours with tons of girls there especially one named Chicken..Ash and Chicken had an interesting relationship..basically he was a slug and she worked him half to death..haha So here Kendall is visiting ASh in his new room and they are rekindling their romance..or whatever it was...
Today i had created a new room for Ash in my Expedit shelves..i made the bed stuff and owl rug...i love this part..making things...

Ash decided to make good with Kendall and make pens for his prize roosters and for her pigs..He realizes that there are a ton of pigs..woah!

Okay guys....let's get to work....

Ash takes a quiet moment with his rooster...he was a gift from Chicken..i think he secretly misses her and all of her bossyness and everything
Okay that is it for now..i am trying to be better about posting to my blog...see ya all soon

so how can tell when an artist is over 40?

Cause she has every color of reading glasses availabe!

I Went out to a birthday lunch with Ashton..he is now 23 and Shannon..his gf and Salina...i have never seen me with my readers on..thought it was pretty funny..haha~!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Oh dear!......

Oh dear!......
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a little lost bear that dropped his lunch...can't find his way home anymore...said his house burned to the ground and he has no where else to go...maybe he can live here with the crowd

Veronica to the rescue..

WE now have a new membe to the family..our little Paddington found his new friend Veronica out on the sidewalk and enjoys a ride back to the house....poor dear said his feet hurt from all that wandering lost he said...then he asked for a sandwich....

Quiet fall day..

Quiet fall day..
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Clover searches out a quiet spot in the woods...shady, serene and listens to the birds singing and the rustling of the fall leaves on the wind.....

Thursday, September 17, 2009

wow time flies

During summer and foot ball season i have realized i have so little time for much of anything extra like a bunch of interenting, pictures or even posting too many photos..i have 2600 unread emails too eeeeps! However, I wanted to share some pictures from the last month..well some of them! This is Carol(my step mom) and my Dad! I snagged these from their facebook..i actually took this picture..on their camera..We had a wonderful dinner out at Hana East in Kalamazoo(michigan) the last evening of their visit! Aren't they sweet! This is Art and me!

Art and our boys! I just adore this picture!!!

The next exciting thing only a few days after their stay my far away daughter Salina came via train from Portland Oregon for a two week visit! yay! WE have had some fun and an adventure over to Ann Arbor for some shopping during the Michigan vs NotreDame football game...woah what a crazy ride into town...

here is Salina at her finest..rofl!

Tyrus and Colton(his buddy) got to go to the game with Art..they were they are on the way over...

Yup! It's all about the Blue!
The sea of yellow drunk college students on State street..required to party behind the barricade..haha!

fun Robots at the cutest toy store at Kerrytown..i HAVE to go back..there was this darling fairy doll house i seriously am wanting bad... Just me! This was taken in this really cool graffitied alley. Unfortunately it was covering the even cooler original mural painted in there! My darling and beautiful Salina!

The day was filled with a bit of crazyness and lots of sillyness.....

and to leave you on the sweetest note that i can Jon Jon....his response is always "what what" haha

Til next time...i should have art pictures from a weekend full of arting coming up...*keeping fingers crossed*

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lots more canvas pieces...

I decided to start on some more pieces. I piled the pile back up..over 70 pieces and closed my eyes and picked out 5 sheets. Glad picked one extra because it was the one with the various painted stripes(shown in the lower right of this picture) So last night i started prepping the 4 new canvases to match each picked piese. I also dug out the hand paintedangels, will be using one of those, and a hand painted moon for one and then will paint characters(either fairies or angels) for the other 3..i will snap a progress picture here in a bit!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Piggie art done as a gift for my dil's niece

Little Piggie for Maddie..having fun playing with paper!

Turner: on canvas

Turner: on canvas
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i had fun creating the swirl with alcohol ink! this design was never published into paper..but still one of my favorites!

the boys: on canvas

i just love how this picture turned out! All the boys arted on my handpainted designs..this one is "Tomatoe Juice" in my Father Knows Best line.

Tyrus and Oscar on canvas

Jonathon on canvas

Jonathon on canvas
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the finished result of the boys arted onto canvas mounted artwork

witchy hour

witchy hour
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I have been working on some altered cabinet cards for a Halloween swap...more to come!

visit the link at the bottom of the picture to see the other 3 posted on my flickr!

WIP 4 art canvasses

I am using my originals from my paper designing days to create some new art pieces. I hand paint and stamp on flat pieces of unounted canvas to create my papers so i needed to collage papers on 12x12 stretched canvas and then glued the painted designs onto them so thy would have a nice base. I am currently in progress of working on the art on top of these..i should be able to get them finished by tonight!

My altered envelope back

the back of my envelope!!

My altered envelope front

okay for some reason i can not post photos..and i know how boring all word posts here i go from my flickr and see if i can post pics from here..I am in an altered envelope swap with the theme of back to is my envelope front..for work done on my other envelops please visit the link at the bottom of the picture, it will take you to my flickr page