Monday, March 21, 2016

Apple Purse...

 A fun project i did last year!! a Quilted Apple purse from my own design.  After looking at Disney inspired outfits and falling in love with an apple purse that was over $400 i decided to take things into my own hands and make one of my very I drew up a pattern and picked out fun fabrics and came up with this!
the basic shapes after crazy quilt piecing the sides, I then appliqued the apple center and added the dimensional leaves!

then i created a zippered side..I used heavy duty interfacing used for belts and other heavy items!

Here you can see the finished results!!! I really think i need to make more fruits..a green pear, a watermelon get the picture! 
the other side!

worm detail I ended up swapping this one out for a hand needle felted one with a pipe cleaner core...He was more realistic and dimensional!
like these guys...I made these after i made the one for the fun for photos! haha

Some of my dress creations! This one was for Valentine's day last year. I used left over fabric from the curtains for my trailer! I had a couple of choices and used the other one with this fabric as trim, so i had a bunch left over. At the moment this dress no longer fits...i got a bit chubbier this last year *sigh*

I fell in love with these cowboy i had to make a dress to wear when i picked them up.....I am loving this pattern. It is the same pattern i recently used for my Hamburger dress

well time for me to go do my belly dance work out!  Next quilt along Bloom (from Bee in my Bonnet aka Lor Holt) quilt i am working on....


Colleen's Cottage said...

Love the apple purse. It is just too cute

Colleen's Cottage said...

Love the apple purse. It is just too cute