Monday, March 7, 2011

Weight check in

Just a quick check in..taken on February 24th , me at a 26 pound loss so far! yay!

my face and neck have become much smaller..weight off my shoulders and my chest..still the same jeans but they are looser now and totally more! I had a 3 pound gain during our week vacation in Cancun...but i was relieved it was only 3 pounds and not more like I had expected...Mood has been very positive through all of this and even looked forward to getting back on my diet when we arrived home! No regrets!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Life around here is so fun...

My new toy arrived yesterday! After having been watching pole dance videos for a year on youtube, admiring the grace, flexibility and strength of so many talented dancers..i just had to have one! I got it installed successfully yesterday..and looked at it...and then attempted to just hang on it...oh my! I have a long way to go..but I am i lose more weight it will get i just have to not give up and keep trying. Fortunately the website i found that has lessons..starts at the very very beginning..first learn the sexy walk...haha....i think i am definitely happy starting with that for now~! One step at a time!

So this evening..i broke the news to Art..prefacing it with "you want a laugh?..let me show you my new toy..." a bit nervous at how he might react...He cracked up, hugged me and said "anything that makes you happy and gives you joy is fine by me"...haha and then of course the conversation deteriorated to when i become a "spinner" once again...i guess in this case it will be literally..and if you don't know what a "spinner" email me and i will try to explain...hahaha

So new toy..and maybe in a month or two i will have a video to will see..haha

Now on to a bit of least around here you get a smidgeon of all sorts of things...i definitely have never been accused of being boring!!

I am participating in a caalndar themed round robin, each month we work on the next book,creating an artwork spread that correlates with that month..either a holiday or seasonally related! I used a book created from recycled paper,printed to look like various old forms and school papers..a fun book to play with! Traditionally an altered book would be using an old book of sorts..covering the writing on the original pages...

My cover..Time Flies: birds and beauties is the loose theme. there is a card with a vintage image of a woman in the pocket, it is counter weighted with the beads.

sign in page...i left the image large so you can see my mess of various page elements and doesn't matter how clean my area always ends up about an inch larger than the piece i am working
my name and address..this shows some of the printed elements that exist in the book already...on the right page is a "boarding pass" element printed on things like this are through out the book!
January....sort of an introductory spread...i didn't want to glue all of my sections pages together so i did two spreads...
My main page for of my favorite things in the art world are the vintage "pin up" girls from the 40's and 50's
So that is it for now..time for me to go play in my studio..not sure what yet..but hopefully some more fun things to share here!
have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February Calendar page for you!

the vintage image version of the page...have fun! sorry for being late!

February Calendar page for you!

Here is the Blythe doll version of the calendar page..sorry for being late...hope you all enjoy!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Lesson in perseverance

This is Turner, my 11 year old son. He has had difficulties in school from the second day of kindergarten on....well, until this year in 5th grade...things have changed. I should have known it was a bad sign,when on the second day of Kindergarten when i went into Turner's bedroom to wake him up...his response was an exasperated "Again?!!"

Kindergarten was spent just trying to keep him from hiding under the table when things like singing happy birthday were required and not smuggling "Big Red Dog" artwork home in his was a struggle but he had an amazing teacher. !st and 2nd grade showed behavorial problems..he was contantly getting into trouble to get out of class. We implemented a chart system for his behavior..his 1st grade teacher again was amazing..she really worked with him and also spotted some learning problems so we had him tested for learning issues and various other things. He was diagnosed with having a learning disability...then it got worse...his 2nd grade teacher was not patient with him..long story short he got pulled and put into a special ed class. But this time things were really bad. His special ed teacher was fantastic with him, his attitude improved and he finally started to catch up acedemically. 4th grade comes along..this is where i got frustrated with the whole system. Turner was supposed to be reintegrated into the mainstream classroom..another long story short..after 1 failed attempt he got put back into the special ed class. Now since we had problems with the middle school with our other son..we decided it was time to move him. He was too far behind acedemically and emotionally and socially to be able to survive the challenges of private school at St Joeseph so we found another option to send him to our local charter acedemy. Endeavor. Needless to say the new environment, fantastic teachers and special ed staff...all encouraging him, he is in maintstream and is thriving!! Well, his hard work has not gone unrecognized..he has earned the moral standards award that is awarded to less than a handful of students each quarter..his award is for "Perseverance" I am so proud of Turner, i smile every day when he gets into the car and says he had an awesome day when i ask how it went. he has such a fantastic attitude now and tries his best everyday..and despite 5 years of struggle is really shining this year...He is getting his award on Monday..he doesn't know about it...i can't wait to see the look on his face. I know his father and I are going to cry our eyes out...thank goodness though for happy endings...and happy new beginnings~!
Well, i have to say, pondering this word of perseverance..i too am in my own battle..the battle of the bulge. It took a lot of self control and finally knowing that by giving up my alcohol and sweets and anything else not on my strict finally dig in and do this. Here is my first month's picture...4 weeks of the program and i have successfully lost 16 pounds so far..I may not look a ton different in this picture..but it is a fantastic beginning for me...this time I am NOT giving up..i am going all the way with it..i am persevering myself...I have noticed some changes, my face is smaller, i don't have much of that belly any more, i can't tuck my fingers under it to warm fingers are smaller, I noticed, Art can wrap his arms all the way around and even overlap them now, it is easier to run up the stairs, my feet already are not hurting as much, i hardly snore at all any more..and my blood pressure is going down and down...and these jeans don't squeaze the life out of me anymore..hopefully next check in they will be too big!
since i am not buying clothes right now..i had to splurge on these nifty red mary janes...if you don't know favorite color is red...the green and then hot pink..but these come to find match my car...perfectly! haha! Toto...this isn't Kansas click...there's no place like place like home...
a post wouldn't be complete without a doll picture and some art....Raven discovers a new vampire in town...more stories to come later...and a haunted mansion....i haven't named her yet...any suggestions would be fun!

last but not least...a little art. I made this clock for one of the girls that works for Art..her husband commissioned me to make her a sea turtle clock..she loves was fun to make!!
and on that note...i am feeling fantastic! Again i have learned how stubborn and strong willed i can be when i put my mind to something...I always say..when there is the will there is a way...this 85 pounds is now down to 69...not such a scary is happening...finally!! I am a happy girl!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

a doll story, new dog, latest news...and some art

Olive and Floss begged me to let them have a slumber party in their new beach cabana. For some reason though Olive was doing all the work...until i pointed this out! Olive sat down, and had a temper tantrum and went on about how best friends and such....finally Floss gave in and helped!
The girls wanted me to see how nice they made the tent and asked for popcorn! After making them promise me they wouldn't make a mess i made some for them...Floss(the pink haired girl is visiting from Maryland)

Here is the cabana i made for them..we are going to Cancun at the end of february so i want to have some props to take folds flat so it should fit into my suitcase..yeah I know..all this for dolls! hahaha! I also made the mats and they have matching bean bags....
Best friends love to have matching they got matching night gowns..they keep talking me into letting them wear their new stuff...haha

On to the newest addition to our family! It seems i can never do anything in small amounts..6 kids....down to 3 at home now..and now 3 dogs to go with the 3 boys! Here is the story of Buddy..
We were on our way to go to Tyrus's training down town with Coach Caper and stopped for a snack pick up at the Marathon gas station. The boys ran inside and I was watching this girl..oh maybe 16ish walking around with a small dog in her hands. At first i thought she was getting into the car parked in front of me..the woman opened the window and promptly shut it...then the girl came over to me sitting in my car...i told her how cute her dog was and also noticed how thin he was...he immediately jumped into the window into my arms and on my his little face won me immediately...*see sucker written on forehead* So after her sob story of how she found him wandering and she needed to find a home for him, that changed to her sister needing $50 because she had no food...and then when i told her i would take care of him and either keep him or find his home she said it was her cousins...any this time i already had decided he was going home with me no matter what..I firmly told her i wasn't giving her money and she gave up and said well dad said i needed to find a home for he came home with us! It was instand fit in with the family. The only thing is that he gets jealous and aggresive with Oscar....but he is getting fixed tomorrow. He checked out good at the vets, is around 1 year old..and got his shots, deworming and heart worm he is officially ours!

here you can see him perched by my computer. He has decided that I am his..and follows me everywhere, he tried to mark me yesterday..i caught him just as he was lifting his leg. He also keeps me company in my studio and sleeps on his fur or in front of the warm vent on the office floor!
he has an unusual eye...part blue and part brown..his other eye is brown. He is a mini dachshund mixed with something...and sweet as can be!
Now...on to the art part...I am in a swap with my Diva is my contribution...the E's...made to look like is obviously a Valentine themed swap!
and last but not least...on my 3 week and 2 day mark..i have so far lost a total of 14 pounds. On Friday is my one month mark so i plan on taking a picture...hoping for a good week!

well i hope i didn't bore you all with my details..i need to post more often and shorter..i promise i will try to do better! love and hugs to everyone!

Monday, January 3, 2011

First art of the year!

I decided to join some swaps this year to jump start my creativity! I took a break for a while on the swaps and my art production pretty much came to a screeching halt! So here is my first art of the year...a mere inch square for the challenge blog "Every Inchie Monday"

We have a weekly word prompt and this week was "ecclectic" Um i am not sure if mine reflects that..i tried..i used a green and brown paper with some asian tissue text on top with a paper lace an owl and a flower and word....any how..a good exercise to spark a creative moment..and hopefully as i get rolling here things will be a bit more on task with the weekly word...haha Oh least i like it!

Happy Inchie Monday every one!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

This year's theme..Renewal!

It is a trend for people to pick a theme word for their new year...after posting my resolutions on facebook of
1 losing all of this weight
2 belly dancing again
3 getting really good at yoga so i can one day teach
4 blogging more
5 singing more
6 starting on my children's books that i have been creating and mulling over in my brain
and then adding learning Spanish and Portuguese
one of my friends stated that it was an aggressive list....i wouldn't call it aggressive..ambitious maybe, but definitely one that will be fun for me.

Most of this will be accomplished by re-prioritizing my and laundry can wait so i can give myself a couple of hours a day to do some of the things that i keep waiting to do..waiting for more time! My soul needs body needs creativity needs renewal..all of these listed will help me do so...So this year i resolve to make more time for renew myself! I spend so much time caring for the family and our home and try to pick up a bit of time here and there...the left over crumbs of time ..for myself.

I remember after i got divorced 15 years ago from my first husband how i had to teach myself to relax. After spending 12 years hearing how lazy I was(despite the fact that i was raising and caring for 3 children a home and working 30+ hours a week) I never sat down..i was so skinny, i looked unhealthy not to mention what my self esteem and emotional state was in...I had to teach myself that it was okay to do things purely for me..When the kids would go to their dads for his 2 weeks, i would clean the house really nice the first day...and then what?..i had 13 days to myself..i learned a lot about myself and having been a mom from day one of my adulthood in a relationship with an abusive man...i had to learn who i was..some where along the line i got lost...really lost~!

I did discover i kind of like myself..and i also realized that it was okay to be nice to me!

So once again in the shuffle of a busy live as a mom and wife...a much much much happier one..i still managed to lose myself again! In a different way this time..not a bad thing..just one of those things that happen as a result of being busy! So this year is dedicated to renewing me and my spirit! This time it will be for fun...not for rescuing. A huge difference...this part of my life is a total different one..the old one was just a bad dream...long faded away!

So this morning..instead of rushing off to clean up the house or do dishes or address the Himalaya's aka the laundry..i sat in the hot tub and really enjoyed my start of the day!! what a fabulous way to start the day~! I do know though..tomorrow it will be back to the rush of school and such and putting the house back together...but sometimes it is right to pause and enjoy!

namaste! and big hugs to all!