Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas 2009!

The lovely snow angels do their patrol at the North Pole, the elves frolick with their freind Mr Patrick Polar Bear! icy yet happy, is the way at the North Pole~!
Nutcrackers stand guard at the front door of our home! Delighting young and old!...

the wonder of the house with many jaws dropping open, is the 12 foot tall tree that you stumble upon immediately entering the front room..try decorating on a 10 foot step ladder when you are afraid of heights..haha! The angel being the most challenging item to place! I wonder if she suffers from many nose bleeds at that height! haha....not seen due to high altitude in this photo! I think there was a cloud cover this day!
Okay had to show this years favorite Christmas outfit...feeling a bit ornery here..hahaha! naughty Christmas fairy i
The boys in their new jammie bottoms from thier Oma Carol and Opa Norbert!
Although this is their natural state! in undies all the way...future bribery material! haha!! for the girlfriends in a few Mantel this year! Looks so pretty in it's simplicity! At night the red lights are so warm and cheery!
Last but not least, the pictures from my stocking! Lou gave me the most delightful treasures! I am practiacally speechless with all of the wonderful wonderful vintage goodies. She really hit my likes like the head on a wow wow! Lou! THANK YOU!!!! My most favorite thing..the little doll..and the tiny felt heart needle keeper!
all of my super wonderful goodies! mostly vintage! wow!
So here it is in a tiny nutshell! this past month has been so pack full with fun and wonder and hard work! The month started with a weekend retreat with my most wonderful and precious Altered Art Divas gathered at Kari's house in Ohio. Our host was so gracious and spoiled us rotten with all of her lovely food, hospitality and suprises! many gifts were made and exchanged!
The following weekend was a wonderful day spent with some of my closest Blythe doll girlfriends. I even managed to get my studio cleaned up..the nicest it has been in a couple of years...a fun filled day that Sunday!
Then it was time to prepare for our annual office Christmas party the following Friday! An 80's themed Christmas party! What a blast we all had. dinner was catered by the most wonderful little restaurant here in Battle Creek, BiCi Bistro! thank you Shaun for such a wonderful fare! The chocolate fountain has now become a tradition with lots of goodies for dipping!*0's music and delicious spirits for all to enjoy!
So today, the last day of the crazy busy month is here...I can relax and cook in my pajamas! This has got to be the quietest Christmas on record. This morning for the unwrapping was Art, myself and the 3 little boys...that was it. This is the first christmas ever that all of the kids weren't here...a bit strange, but they do grow up don't they?
so Merry Christmas everyone! and Wishes also for a Happy New Year!

Christmas morning..after opening

Thank you Oma Carol and Opa Norbert! the boys said they were wearing these the rest of the day..haha

We Wish you a Merrry Christmas..

from our house to yours! We wish you all a Merry Christmas!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Last minute shopping and card mailing today

Hello my friends! a Photo dedicated to all of my cyber friends! Paprika is in the alst bit of frenzied shopping and mailing her cards! I created this cute winter scene with lots of giggles! The outfit was inspired by the bit of ribbon that was on some of my packages from Lou in my stocking swap! Lou I promise loved the contents too...not just the ribbon..hahaa! Any how! Merry Christmas to you all! and Happy Holidays to every one that celebrates in other ways! xoxoxo;s angela

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!
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I just realized something this morning as i was making this card, that wow! this could be addictive! It is funny after a year or more of not making too feel rusty...I was kind of nervous...haha! yeah me nervous. But found a picture of a journal cover that I liked the look of..and mimicked it in my own style...I used the idea of three elements along the edge, the tilted picture and the ribbon along the doesn't look anything like the original really...but it is amazing how one can take inspiration from another and make it completely your own! So, now iI think I am ready to make some more..this was fun! haha! Have a most wonderful holiday season! Tis Merry and Bright!

finished Doll room

I realized yesterday that i forgot to upload finished pictures of the new room! I have moved stuff in. Of course it will never be done I know things will be added over time! I do have to finish getting the old paint and varnish off the floors from the workroom days..but mostly it is done! Here is my bellydance practice/exercise area
My doll shelves and houses in you can see I still need to scrape the french door windows..
Details all glad it is done..phew!

a couple of my doll houses..too funny. I used to giggle at the concept of the little old ladies and their doll rooms...who knew? i am one! Ha hahahahaha! but hey! I an having more fun with this than any other hobby I have ba humbug on the nay sayers..*sigh* had one the other day..a very close member of my family...she just won't ever get it....the funny thing is..rather than bothering me too much, I just have this desire to talk about my dolls even more..hahahaha (no passive/agressiveness in me what-so-ever.hahaha)

So here it is...I am now currently reorganizing and cleaning up the rest of my studio to match the neatness in may take me a while..well, not too long since i have friends coming on the 13th...after my trip this weekend it is all out cleaning for a week! I'll share pics when i get done!

Monday, November 30, 2009

vintage quilt stocking I made

Hand made stocking...i seriously am having a hard time letting this one go! For Lou!!

For a present

Altered jewelry box made into an ornament! She is such a sweet girl..i had fun using her for this!

Beads i made for a rosary bead swap

for the Diva Rosary swap! Sunny yellow with some kooky beading...just like me! LOL!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Latest Project!

For a couple of years now i have dreamed of having a wonderfully organized garage and clean work room! I wanted to move the power tools and cabinets out of the work room that is part of my studio. Every time one of us would do a project with the saws or paint or otherwise messy medium it would get all over my art it was time for a change! First, with my son Ashton and his gf's Shannon's help we cleaned and organized the garage! After this first step which was a huge you can see..We brought down a shelf from the work room and installed some wire shelving and got things organized! Then Ashton and Shannon insulated and drywalled then painted the garage!At that point they sort of got i finished putting everything away and moved the pegboard down from the studio and organized all of the tools and stuff! Ashton came back one final time and helped me move the cabinets down and finish installing pegboard! here is the finished garage!Everything has a place! there are a couple more things to get rid of like the game table right here..but basically it is done and CLEAN! yay!..on to phase 3... The work room! This is the before picture with the cabinets and tools all crammed in there...My dance area...crammed too!After the move! I now have an empty..well almost empty room to begin fresh! I have now painted and installed new baseboard trim where it was missing from the is my color inspiration! The book was the initial inspiration for the yellow wall color and funky folk art border..I was trying to decide if i wanted birds..or a more favorite lady bugs as part of the border...i then remembered this perfect unfinished quilt top i had made years ago...just because i loved the colors and the decision was made...First step was yellow on all of the walls...then a base coat of white on the border...then the pink background color...then some flowers added....and finally black doodle detals and checkers along the border edge! I have worked for many many hours on this is pretty big..i would say 14x25-30 many many flowers and lady bugs later..haha! I have finished almost all of it.i have one last wall to finish detailing and then the cleanup begins...well i have been cleaning and moving things here the past i am close! A fun yet labor intensive project..and when i walk in and see the bright colors it just makes me smile! This room will be for practicing belly dance and the new home for my dolls and their stuff!
I will add finished room pictures when i get it completed!
have wonderful weekend!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Flying school...4 of 5....

The cakes are enjoying their Flying Lessons from the Master witch flyer around here..Angel. Comve visit my flickr for the complete story! haha! Happy Halloween everyone!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cover of Twilight inspired journal

*Pig-malia* 1 of 7

*Pig-malia* 1 of 7
Originally uploaded by gemini angel art
Where Swine flu really came from!

Fall Picnic 1 of 13

a fun fall story of the characters at Sunny Blythe Towers..also the prequel to Pig-malia: where the swine flu really came from"

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Witches Cupboard Charm Swap..the results

I wanted to share with you all my necklace made with the charms i received from Michelle's Witches Cupboard charm swap! amazing! the little broom at the top left was my humble contribution..among the charms..not to leave any out.but a short synopsis...two witch journal's, a tiny clay cauldron, verdigrised copper cauldron, an amazing beaded spider, a box containing the world's tiniest tarot deck, fun scrabble charms including a very first one from my stepmom Carol (awesome job Carol btw!) spiderwebs, lovely beaded trinkets, vials filled with various essential ingredients for spells, a magical holey stone, eyeballs, albino toad roe, a magical metal book...among on the picture to see it is really amazing! Thank you again Michelle for being such an amazing host!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

visiting Halloween filled: Sunny Days Gone by Manor

As we come up the spooky walk to Sunny Days Gone by Manor..we are greeted by the hideous gardner...i think bones weren't the only thing he dug up.....Spooky-licious treats abound..mantle filled with spooky things and witches flying everywhere... a sinister clown laughs and jests that maybe we might want to "trick or treat"
as we go further into the manor..we notice in the corner the spiders have caught their lunch for the unsuspecting previous visitor came to an untimely end to his short life....he now hangs in suspense....

We had to tip-toe by for fear of disturbing the witches during their final test in flying school...disturbed witches can be quite crabby...

Stopping by the bar...we decided against partaking any was quite over run with a large bat population..and you know where there are bats..there is bat sh.....

Although the bats didn't seem too unfriendly...kind of cute i might add....

mysterious characters everywhere...working their magical spells and making potions...

some more alive than others....

and some local visitors stopped by during our visit....

Fortunately..i remembered to carry along my bucket of water..just in case one of those crabby witches tried to cast a spell on us....she melted quite nicely...

and I always thought that only bad witches were ugly...and had ugly shoes..I guess i was wrong..all bad witches are ugly..but they wear awesomely cute now the story is told on how I scored the Wicked Witch of the West's truly awesome and magical shoes...her sister was the one with the ruby red slippers...

(i got the idea for these fun shoes from MarahJohnsons awesomely cool "twilight journal" next project i believe

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Come One, Come All!

You Are Invited to The Altered Art Diva's Black Hat Society Tea Party!
Please join us for our month long Halloween Celebration! Each of us will be posting and featuring Halloween Goodies all month long! Halloween Art, recipes, links...and all sorts of Halloween goodies! Come join the fun , follow the links on the right to enjoy the fun and visit often!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

felted pug doll i made last night

I have been wanting to get back to doing some felting. I saw a knitted pug doll posted on one of my Faebook friends streams and thought it would translate into an adorable mini pug....i just love him! Next project...felted mini guinea pig pets for the dolls....