Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Aloha my friends!

 Time to update. Tropical on the brain the last few months!  I had fun with this theme!  It looks so pretty set up down at the campground. Unfortunately, I have only been down there 3 times since May, due to knee surgery on June 25th. I am healing up, but have to take things slow and rest after a busy day!

This coming weekend is Luau Weekend at the campground, so I will have more photos to share! But here is where we are now.

The quilt top came out amazing. I used fabric on hand and collected various Aloha wear shirts for each of the 25 blocks!  The pattern was one I found for free on the internet by Moda, I can no longer find it for free. Some one is selling it on Etsy, she is charging for printing and shipping rather than the pattern itself. You may be able to find it for free, but if you can't here is a link: Sunshine Quilt.

I found these fabulous Monkey dishes at Goodwill. It didn't have all the pieces, so I found a few additions on Etsy! Such a cute pattern. It is called Monkey by American Atelier at Home. The vintage parrot glasses were purchased from a friend!

My memory board got a few Tropical additions, a vintage handkerchief and metal surf board sign!
I found my two vintage monkeys in my studio, so they got a place of honor on the bed. I absolutely LOVE monkeys. The one on the left reminds me of one that I had in my childhood. My Oma always sent over toys and dolls from Germany, Steiff toys! He reminds me of one, that was a bit smaller, from her!
Pillow from an antique/gift store in Grand Rapids. I wish I could remember the name! such a fabulous store. I would love to visit again!
I changed out my chalkboard to "Tiki Trailer". I need to practice my chalkboard skills...LOL  But it works with the overall look!
Some more finds. I found the Hawaiian couple several years ago, at Goodwill,  when I started the theme. The little box was found at the same store I found the parrot pillow, up in Grand Rapids some where!
Pillow covers that I made, with left over fabrics from making the quilt cover. 
I couldn't find a matching tea pot for the Monkey dishes, but spotted this bamboo teapot at an antique store! 
A vintage grass skirt found at Burgess Antique Center in Galesburg, Michigan. One of my favorite places to go when I am on the hunt!
Corkboard with palm trees and a couple of straw hats. Found the hats at Burgess Antique Center as well!
A bigger view of the quilt cover!
It's all in the details. Made these cute Pineapples from a pattern from Funky Friends Factory. 
Another treasure that I found at Burgess Antique Center! Vintage Hawaiian plate!
I started these Lady Bug dolls a few years ago. Before, I became the "Lady Bug Lady" at the campground. I have always loved Lady Bugs, so they were a natural project for me to make. However, they sat there unfinished forever. So this year, I decided to make them my trailer mascots. I created little Tropical outfits for them both! So, now will have to make them outfits for each of the themes!  haha!  Didn't they turn out cute? I found the pattern on Pinterest. I believe it was in Russian. So I downloaded the pattern and figured it out myself. It printed kind of fuzzy, but since it was just straight lines was not detrimental to the success of the pattern!

A little video I made this spring! More video coming soon!
 Next post will be some outside photos of my set up! And what do you wear to a tropical themed trailer set up? Some of my outfit creations as well!

Thanks for visiting! Aloha! 

Monday, March 1, 2021

Tropical revisited! My Funny Valentine 2021 Theme.

 As in the previous post, i shared a preview of this years theme for the Shasta. I had started this theme 4 years ago and got as far as making the curtains and collecting a few items. So this year I decided to finish it for this summer's theme! I have so many now. I plan on revisiting each and  sharing the ones that I had not shared!  So to recap, this is the start of the curtains. I always start with curtain fabric to set the tone and colors of the theme. I love that this fabric has ALL of the colors, so the sky is the limit on this one. I have more projects to go on this but want to share where I am at the moment!  

Outside set up from 4 years ago! This is going to be fun to recreate and improve this summer!

What fun fun fabric! Unlimited colors!

This fabric is sooo fun! I used the Michael Miller fabric (found on Etsy and is still available) with a burlap trim. I cut it a few inches wide and then frayed the edges to make a fringe at the bottom. Then used a accent fabric in red (always include my red to go with the trailer)  And sewed that on top to hold in place. Before I sewed the curtains to the backing light blocking lining fabric. I think the next set of curtains, I will make a tutorial!

I am currently working on the quilt top for the comforter cover. I LOVE making quilt tops, but hate the quilting process and LOVE to sleep under a feather comforter. I had found one at Goodwill, brand new for $12 so I came up with the idea of making the comforter covers! I back the quilt top with muslin and then use a sheet or decorative fabric to create the cover back!
Photos are where I am today! After this post will be working on outer borders and creating the cover!

I started the decorating as well. I need to go through tubs and add some actual essential items, like canisters and any other used things for actual camping! Usually have a basket to hold lotion, aspirin and chapstick near the bed. That kind of thing. 
I found the Tiki mugs I had gotten 4 years ago. Star Wars themed! Too funny! I decided to add a few more and found a relatively inexpensive set of 9 on Retroplanet.com!  So was fun to add! I realized there is a sub culture of Tiki mug collectors and they can get really expensive! Miscellaneous items from Goodwill have added some more details. I found some Tiki statues in the doll house decor and also ordered a few signs from Amazon. More to go, but it is coming along nicely! My latest find was the Monkey dishes at Goodwill! LOVE them. But no photo, i just realized. I guess i can save that for later!  Two purses that I found at Goodwill! I realized as I search for items, you have to be open minded at what you might come across and where you can use them! But half the fun is the thrill of the hunt! 

3 of the set of 6 Star Wars Tiki mugs, a sign from Amazon (set of 4, cheap) and hibiscus plates from Goodwill

Tiki mug collection from Retro Planet and two wooden Tiki statues from my doll decor!

Thrifted wooden spoons, Tiki warmer from Ollies, the other 3 Staw Wars Tiki Mugs from Thinkgeek.com which is no longer there....*sniff* Palm place mat from Hobby Lobby and hand made glass margaritta glasses were a gift from my mom a bunch of years ago!

Various items from my stash!  The palm tree is from my porch decorations stash, the Tiki mugs are from Retro planet, the hula dancer figures, the parrot, cage and coconut monkey figures all from Goodwill!  Surf board signs from set from Amazon! 

Palm pillow was a find at Ollies!Palm candle holder: thrift shop and the little Hula couple salt and pepper shakes: Amazon!

Ollie's pillows, more Tiki mugs from Retro planet, hula mug: thrift shop

Well there is more to go, some fun projects to share and the outside as well, but that will come in the near future! That is all for today! Aloha!

Sunday, February 28, 2021

Serenity, 1961 Avion Spring/ Summer theme 2021

 *click on photos to get full view*

This has been my latest project. A few more final touches for the trailer will be added, but it is mostly finished!  

Introducing my Pineapple Party!!  With flamingo accents! This theme started with the panels that were used for the comforter cover. I found it a while back when visiting my father in Redmond Washington, before he passed away. Any how my son Tyrus loves flamingos. So when I saw the panel I had to get it for him and his then girlfriend Kayla to make them a plush backed quilt. I loved it and later decided that i wanted one too. So I ordered 3 more panels (one set was used for another plush backed quilt for my best friend Jair)  and discovered the red fabric that was part of the fabric series. I was perfect for my Shasta trailer for curtains!  Fast forward to now! I never got around to making this theme for the Shasta, however, it has the colors for my Avion as well! Gold and turquoise. So it was perfect for a summer them for Serenity!! so here are the details! 

First: the Flamingo/Pineapple panel that started it all! Note* I decided since Art was going to be camping with me to focus more on the  Pineapple aspect and less on the Flamingos, although did add a few here and there! 

The fabulous curtain fabric!! So pretty and fun!

So now that we had the theme chosen along with colors, the real fun began. Curtains made it was time to shop and find the details. I did my best to find some vintage items to stay with the vintage feel of the trailer, so a mix of new and old the look was created!

how fortunate! A Flamingo with a PINEAPPLE! I believe it was from Hobby Lobby!
Hobby Lobby is always an amazing source for items. I try to make sure it is when they are on sale,or it can get too expensive. This umbrella was a "must have" too cute! 
I found this cute rug for a good price on Amazon (another go to place to find specific items) 

The finished table setting, but lets look at the details first!

I used the turquoise bowls from the vintage melamine set from fall. Found these fabulous vintage mid century enameled cups, new napkins, plates , placemats and elevated platter from Hobby Lobby

A couple of pineapple lanterns found at Goodwill. I added the battery powered candle inside. I believe these were originally tiki lanterns that got separated from their bases. I saw some on Amazon after i got these. I think they work fabulously as table decorations!

Here I reused the gold teapot, had the flamingo in the car salt and pepper shakers, to the side a copper pineapple drink mug from Amazon, vintage napkin holder found on Etsy, with new napkins from the Pioneer Woman collection at Wallie world!

close up of that awesome pineapple drink mug. I got a pair of them! I can't wait to be sipping some delicious tropical concoction on a camping trip this year!

Another piece of that fabulous md century enamel ware. Briard is the designer. I keep discovering more pieces. I found an amazing 3 gallon coffee pot, it was not that expensive, so I had to add it to the collection. I have not only been decorating, but am also getting the trailer ready for actual camping. I discovered the wall backsplash is able to hold magnets, so I added some magnetic spice containers and a peel and stick magnetic knife holder! I will add the spices closer to camping  seasin! 

Next came the pillows! I had the collection of pillows from Tyrus and Kayla when the parted ways. Tyrus didn't want to do the flamingo theme any more, so I kindly took in all the decor! LOL I found the amazing gold pillows at Hobby Lobby! so vintage looking! Great addition and will probably remain in the trailer with future themes! 

And to bring the focus back to pineapples. I made these wonderful Pineapple pillows with some fun fabrics and fabrics from the curtain and comforter cover!

Last but not least, the comforter. The final touch to bring the whole theme together! It was a really fun project and added so much to the theme when I put it on the comforter!! So happy with my bright and fun theme for this year! Here it is as the finished top! Just before I added the backing and made into a cover!

And here it is on the bed with some final decoration photos! 

found this perfect condition straw bag at Goodwill!!and just had to have the retro radio from  Amazon!!
Here you see the 3 gallon Braird Enamel pot from a newlydiscovered antique store downtown Jackson, Michigan! Also, a cute ceramic pineapple, the other lantern and a vintage hair dryer, all found at Goodwill!

The best part of all of this is sharing. My grandchildren seem to want to go out to the trailer every time they visit. Ayla was enjoying playing "tea party" after asking me once again to go out and see the trailer! Micah was just doing his own thing! LOL 

next post will be an update on My Funny Valentine. She is getting a tropical tiki theme! One I started a few years ago and am now getting around to finishing...a preview....the curtains I made 4 years ago...  So many fun photos with this theme and lots of projects!! Update soon! three posts in one morning is enough!! See ya next time!