Saturday, March 12, 2016

Quilt fun!

Before i show you the new look for my trailer..i am skipping ahead to the quilt top that i made for the original look!  I had started it last year and never got around to working on it. Until my UFO finishing stint this past couple of months!

Here were the humble beginnings way back on February 1st of last year! I had started it while i was gathering things for my trailer...but life brought in the usual distractions and i never got back around to there it sat..pieces cut and these beginnings in a box. When i started on it again a few weeks ago there were a couple more rounds than this..but it was a week long project of working on it pretty non stop....I love the results though!

In the middle of working on the quilt though, my Bernina died. SO freaking out...I was able to purchase a little cheap Singer... $129!!!  I have to say it has been holding it's own. 3 weeks later i am still with out my Bernina and i am still working with this little gem. I will never put these babies down saved my sanity!

Here i have the red/pink rounds finished and am getting ready to move on to the cream and white background pieces...round and round and round we went!

autditioning the blocks with the borders..almost there!  

here was the lay out, some of the blocks were pink and some were i wanted to make sure they were evenly dispersed!

and finished!  I made it into a comforter cover for a feather comforter i found at Goodwill for $12! It was brand new and looked like it had never been used! I sleep under my feather bed every i was excited to have one for my trailer!

Another fun repurpose/saved object!  I have had this little white cart for so many years i can't even remember when and where i got it....

i have been slowly cleaning and organizing my studio in between projects...and i organized all of the furniture and decorating items i was using this for while i was doing doll rooms. It was never meant to be a permanent spot to store things...haha. SO with a couple of cans of spray paint and masking tape i was able to give it a bit of a facelift. I tightened up all the screws to make it more stable..and voila!  A cute cart to take camping!

Big News!!!  I got a new tow vehicle. My lease was up on my Flex so i went looking! After seeing the enormous price on Expeditions..i thought i would test drive a truck. Never in my years did i think i was going to end up with a pick up truck...but when they showed me the console was actually a 6th seat i was sold!  I LOVE it!  Here in this picture was the first time i ever "broke camp" and got her hooked up to my vehicle 100% ALL BY MYSELF!!  I had to take her to my dealer for some warranty work and a recall on her axle. I love love love how nicely my truck tows her!  felt so much more secure!  She unfortunately is currently still up there....i miss her.   

another project i accomplished this winter! Flower boxes. I made 3 of them. When i get my trailer back i am going to figure out the final installation.I am thinking of finding some sort of doohicky that i can add to a couple of the window frame screws and then clip these on with badge clips.  That way they can be easily removed and stored for bad weather and rain!

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