Monday, November 30, 2009

vintage quilt stocking I made

Hand made stocking...i seriously am having a hard time letting this one go! For Lou!!

For a present

Altered jewelry box made into an ornament! She is such a sweet girl..i had fun using her for this!

Beads i made for a rosary bead swap

for the Diva Rosary swap! Sunny yellow with some kooky beading...just like me! LOL!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Latest Project!

For a couple of years now i have dreamed of having a wonderfully organized garage and clean work room! I wanted to move the power tools and cabinets out of the work room that is part of my studio. Every time one of us would do a project with the saws or paint or otherwise messy medium it would get all over my art it was time for a change! First, with my son Ashton and his gf's Shannon's help we cleaned and organized the garage! After this first step which was a huge you can see..We brought down a shelf from the work room and installed some wire shelving and got things organized! Then Ashton and Shannon insulated and drywalled then painted the garage!At that point they sort of got i finished putting everything away and moved the pegboard down from the studio and organized all of the tools and stuff! Ashton came back one final time and helped me move the cabinets down and finish installing pegboard! here is the finished garage!Everything has a place! there are a couple more things to get rid of like the game table right here..but basically it is done and CLEAN! yay!..on to phase 3... The work room! This is the before picture with the cabinets and tools all crammed in there...My dance area...crammed too!After the move! I now have an empty..well almost empty room to begin fresh! I have now painted and installed new baseboard trim where it was missing from the is my color inspiration! The book was the initial inspiration for the yellow wall color and funky folk art border..I was trying to decide if i wanted birds..or a more favorite lady bugs as part of the border...i then remembered this perfect unfinished quilt top i had made years ago...just because i loved the colors and the decision was made...First step was yellow on all of the walls...then a base coat of white on the border...then the pink background color...then some flowers added....and finally black doodle detals and checkers along the border edge! I have worked for many many hours on this is pretty big..i would say 14x25-30 many many flowers and lady bugs later..haha! I have finished almost all of it.i have one last wall to finish detailing and then the cleanup begins...well i have been cleaning and moving things here the past i am close! A fun yet labor intensive project..and when i walk in and see the bright colors it just makes me smile! This room will be for practicing belly dance and the new home for my dolls and their stuff!
I will add finished room pictures when i get it completed!
have wonderful weekend!