Monday, April 6, 2009

April update

Easter Swap!!! Today I met Beth at a McDonalds half way between us...and here is my basket that she cut out, created and hand was loaded full and overflowing with all sorts of fabulous goodies. I feel so spoiled!! Among the goodies are vintage laces, vintage glitter in an antique salt shaker, tons of Easter postcards, candies galore, a gorgeous pair of handmade earrings(Beth makes the most beautiful jewelry creations) so many fun things...she spoiled my dolls too with a pretty party dress that Kendall immediately had to put on, a new dolly for them to play with, and the most amazing miniature Easter basket filled with the most detailed realistic candies....this is only a partial list...I had so much fun opening my goodies...and then re-opening them when i got home....Beth thank you so so so much! You really spoiled me rotten and I love everything you gave to me!Mom!! This dress is MINE!!! it has to be..matches my hair! Kendall has been sort of mopey ever since Ash went on a trip to visit a friend of ours out in I thought letting her have the dress would cheer her up

All of our loot laid out...WOW!!!

This miniature Easter Basket is so amazing!

I had fun this past Saturday at an artist demo at the Brownstone Cafe..this darling coffee shop dowtown Battle Creek! Lots of artist there..and so much fun meeting tons of new people!

I have been working on a bit of art and trying to catch up on some UFO's. This is a spread i did in Sandee's "celestial/dark side of the moon" book for the dark Altered Book Round Robin..this poor round is taking forever..moving slower than molasses in January..i am hoping this will help get it going again...I only have one more book to work on...once it gets here!???

Tessa is playing with her new Tomato dollhouse!

She is spoiled rotten...she also got a new doll house for her room too!!

Easter Bucket that i made for Andi..this is the back side of it....

side of the bucket

other side of the bucket!

This is the front..i packed it full with lots of goodies! I sure hope she likes what i stuffed in there!

The "cakes" are getting into the Easter spirit too...they are showing you their new Easter outfits!

Calico tries to train mr robot to help with housework! Anni is having aharder time getting around..her belly is getting bigger and bigger. Of course one must wonder how much mr robot understands the finer side of cleaning since he was using an oven mitt to dust he will try to do the dishes....hmmmmm

So, here's the story..these new clothes should help us blend in...maybe no one will notice that we are odd colored and from another planet....

So mr alien...from what galaxy do you hail?

Cute sleeping kitty and girl....i love the color of this a buttercream candy!

What sweet faces....i haven't thought of any names yet...

I just adore their matching detailed and cute!

Well this is a bit of what is going on....i haven't had time to play with pictures lately until yesterday and today! We have been under construction so i have been working on the house. I will take pictures soon..but not until the carpet goes in..the house is a wreck right now..and so disheveled. I did finish Jonathon's mural in his next time i will post some of his room too...The boys are on spring break this appointments, therapy or sports for now!..phew!
until next time!