Saturday, January 5, 2008

more gratitude!

first of all today i am grateful for a GREAT nights sleep! phew!!! Amazing how good sleep can give you a dose of a positive attitude adjustment~ 11 hours of it! I think for 5 nights in a row i slept 5 hours or less..probable cause of meltdown yesterday!

And as i was sitting here dinking on my computer...visiting flickr friends and new discoveries and instigating some retail therapy....i stopped and looked around me...and realized that so much of my inspiration comes from just being up here in my studio....and my little office!

So i decided to take pictures of what i see everytime i sit here at my computer...i love my space..even if it is soooo messy!
So here is a set of pictures of what i see and a little blurb about the joy i see when i look at all of these wonderful things!!
my "wall" It is the half wall that surrounds the lower foyer. We had put a half wall up rather than a railing so we wouldn't have repeling wanna be's going over the edge. I would hate losing this wall because it has been a favorite place to perch gifts and special things from my art world.
Here you see the word "angel" a gift from Andi, a canvas i made for the cover of one of our diva calenders, the mini journal I sent with my doll for our doll round robin and a glimpse of my bulletin board packed with artwork and stuff~
a further view of my wall..a purse I made, an angel dog i found at goodwill, a gorgeous doll Stephanie got for me on her trip to NYC and a really cool accordian book from one of my 12 days of christmas swaps...what agorgeous creation it is!!! under it is a panel of fabric with quilting labels that i pinned there for inspiration for my new paper line my desk got hot up here last night so i took my blouse off....and a pile of misc junk!
this is directly in front of makes me smile everyday! It is full of things that have so much meaning to me! a piece of art that i painted that was accepted into a student art show years ago..he looked perfect on the purple, below my very first art print I recieved from my dad and Carol this artist is so fun! My art doll from katie Kendrick. She has inspired me for years! One day i hope to meet her. This doll is also very special to me because I had asked my guardian angel for a sign that I was on the right track...a few days later...unbeknownst to mehow special this was, a Diva Friend Angie Platten had mentioned a tutorial she found on Katie's i went and looked and saw this angel. I rarely buy much art from other artists(that has changed quite a bit since then) and I HAD to have this she comes a few days later and i saw a tag on her...her name was Gracie ...well that is my guardian angels name..the angel of grace aka Anunchel...and the doll is doll #13....that has been my lucky number since I can remember! Other items on this wall...a fun assemblage doll created by one of my most favorite local artist friends Joane Huffmanm a pocket fairy from a lovely artist in France, Helinina~ and a gorgeous leave created by my son Turner who at times says he is an artist too!! and a couple of beautiful angel fatbook pages RAKed to me by a fellow fatbook artist(can't remember her name)
all of my tarot decks and awesome vintage books one of the reasons I got into rubberstamping! I had seen a technique on one of those decorating swap shows on HGTV and they used a sun image to paint a huge sun on the wall! Art's last name is Sonneborn and means born under the i love sun images and wanted one on my wall too! this was one of my first stamps I purchased...I projected it with my art projector! and then filled it in with a black paint pena print I purchase from DJ Pettitt another one of my inspiring artist friends. It says flying on strong wings...i love angels and RED is my favorite color..i had to have this. Unfortuantely she has already sold the original...but I got the next best thing! and on either side a gift from my brother amazing nautre of his hobbies~messy cd's////i need to organize those,a beautiful canvas from the 12 days diva swap..from Terry~ and a couple of other pieces from friends
my window to the world....and more art from my friends...Karen Campbells gorgeous mailart puzle piece from a couple of years ago..Lenny the king guinea pig from Christy Grant, an ATC from Angie Plattenm vintage photos in a basket...more in the file cabinet
ACK!!! messy messy shelves...this I really plan on organizing and cleaning up soon!!

so there you have cram packed but wonderfully inspiring office...I am so grateful to have my own create and play! And all of my beautiful artist friends and acqaintances!


Joanne Huffman said...

Angela, it was a fun tour of your studio. And, I'm honored to be mentioned. I hope you have many wonderful hours in your studio in 2008.


12 Days of Christmas Swap said...

Yes Angela, I so relate to diets..
it is never ending, but like you, I do enjoy my DROP, I have found that red seems better -less sugar , or so they say, and I stick with that theory.
Loved you office and stuff, great reading and great photos, I used to have heaps of space which was all mine, but alas -not now, - have managed to fit it all, after some serious culling.
Hugs from N.Z.

Andrea, said...

Your workspace looks fab, its amazing how when its untidy you can find whatever you want, but if you tidy it everything goes missing! Thats my theory anyway and I'm sticking to it.

e.beck.artist said...

i love that sun stamp image on your wall ....
i love that your shelves are sooo messy ....
i love that you have surrounded yourself with groovy cool stuff to inspire you and make you happy .....

i found your blog from your comment on a flckr pic of MY messy studio ... and right now 8.30am , i am off to my studio space to tidy ...wish me look ... stop by my blog or flickr to see my updates ... hopefully i won't spend ALL week cleaning .....