Monday, January 28, 2008

a bit more about Birmingham and Townsend Hotel

I noticed a comment from the manager of the hotel in my comments??...amazing how people can find stuff on the internet isn't it!? Any way, I, just since I am the type of person that doesn't like to come across nasty or begrudging, would like to clarify a bit on my comments of Birmingham. It is a very very beautiful favorite part was driving through some of the neighborhoods. The little town part was very picturesque and there were tons of little shops downtown. However, for me, clothes shopping just isn't my cup of tea and being 10 degrees out did make me a bit crabby. Marley's was an amazing boutique and will be on my list of places to visit again~ I was astounded (or is it flabbergasted ha ha) at the prices..but being an artist myself, was in awe that it is possible to find places where artistic creativity and ability is appreciated and willingly paid for! Something not seen in many places. I guess at times I am a cheap skate..and since i can make so many things...paying that much for some things just isn't going to happen..i will make it myself. Although on the other hand, i take great pleasure in supporting my fellow artists directly and do so often(i know how much retail tags onto the original price..used to own my own!)
and back to the hotel The Townsend Hotel. Honestly, I have stayed in many 4 and 5 star hotels in various places like in Chicago, Seattle, San Diego, Toronto, New Orleans, Denver etc.....Art says that a 3 star is roughing it for! Well, my determination of this hotel. It is by far my favorite hotel i have ever been a guest of. Truly I mentioned, the details that were provided for were incredible. The food....i can only say one word..crude as it may be YUMMY!!! the best scallops...i didn't know they came that big and cooked to perfection. Art was equally impressed with his dinner(the margarittas are fogging my memory....not sure what it was he had...a steak and lobster I think) the staff was friendly and helpful and full of smiles...very much appreciated! I would definitely look forward to staying there again...and a bonus..even though i am NOT a shopper...only occasionally....the huge mall, Somerset, is only a few minutes away...that is an adventure in itself...

so if any one decides to visit Michigan...Birmingham would be a wonderful choice to add to your list..and if you please...i can recommend the Townsend Hotel...gees i am beginning to sound like an infomercial..rofl...really though, it was wonderful~
okay off my little soap box (who i am pontificating to, I am not and back to the real world and the mountain of laundry and a handful of errands....then maybe 10 minutes of art time..up here in my studio....

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