Sunday, January 13, 2008

awesome art day!

PHEW!!! what a day! I finally got my Dark RR book ready~ It was quite involved and i am tickled though with the end lived up to my hopes~ mY book is about a 10 year old vampire and her story of how she became a vampire...and her adventures of the last 200 years~ The cover of the book was so fun to has a medallion on the front that I made fromsome thingie i got a garage think it was supposed to be a Mayan calendar or something. I alcohol inked it and added a bee and sparkles. The character;s name is has a 'y' in her name only because after i glued on the letters as i found them...realized there was not an 'i' inside cover explains my expectations...the 5 page letter on the opposing page is Amelya's letter of introduction...i think this actually could be the begiining of a really cool story! if you want to read it..leave me comment and i will email it to youthe sign in page...Timothy is somewhat of a graffiti i figured i would have the sign in on the castle wall. Timothy is Amelya's best friend....and I used papers I had designed as some of the elements...they seemed fitting for this book
Amelya'sfirst home before becoming a vampire..the castle is a pop-upthe introduction of Timothy...he is a fun

Amelya's parents...from 200 years ago...
The doll trunk the book travels in...outside
inside the trunk...along with the paper doll versions...and some extra friends
inside the drawer...I am hoping the participating artist will do one spread in the book (rather than the required two) and then either add or alter the trunk..this is the CRS powder that Amelya and her vampire friends use after feeding on their victims to make them forget the incident...the will only awaken with two odd puncture marks on their neck....CRS=Can't Remember Shit
I was on a roll...after I finished my book, I thought i would work on the pages from the next one in line..called the Dark Continent. It is in a fun format. the binder has loose pages with a protfolio style cover. I did two pages front and back. the first was an Egyptian spread...can you belive it the majority of this page is from a skittle ad!!! lol!~
the back side..images from a vintage book from 1918

and i have had this darling vintage image of a dance couple printed out forever...they were perfect! I was honoring their 'distant heritage"since their coutnry of origin is Africa..noting some similarities...the dance was ever so important to their culture
a bit wild on the back side~
so now I can rest easy...i will be mailing both out tomorrow to my recipient and this marks the beginning of our RR..okay it was very delayed...what was I thinking when i started a RR in December.....i know I had lost my mind!
so now we can get this party started!


Joanne Huffman said...

Wow! I'm out of breath after reading this. Your art work, as always, is beautiful and enchanting.


Karen Campbell said...

Joanne hit the nail on the head -- absolutely enchanting! I can't wait to get my hands on this dark treasure!

Karen Campbell said...
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Karen Owen said...

OMG! Angela, you put so much into this! It's amazing!


The Backporch Artessa said...

Holy cow woman! I don't think I could turn out that much great art in a month! It's going to be a Fabulous final tribute to your swap days!

Anonymous said...

Holy crap Angela! You've outdone yourself again! This is aMAZing! Your imagination never ceases to amaze me. Darn! I wanna see it in person!

Adrienne's Art said...

WAY cool, Angela!

Gina M Smith said...

That is just unbelievable! What a day you the vampire children, and a trunk! Oh my- well of course, you're already Somerset material, but this one would be great. Poof me some pixie dust of your talent this way!

Cheryl Ensom said...


Kathy McElroy said...

Your book is awesome Angela. Enjoy your last rr.