Wednesday, January 16, 2008

purging....out with the old!

I have had that clean out bug this week. I am clearing everything out...the whole house..mind you it is over 5000sq ft and has lots of storage and collecting areas. I had read on a feng shui blog about a year ago that excess stuff in our homes is conducive to excess weight on our bodies. She had a client that had gained weight after moving into her larger house. After a few years she sought help from this feng shui expert and after working with her extensively the only thing that they could determine of her environment(they claim that there are direct links of your home and work environment to your health and state of mind) Well, the one difference was that her house was bigger and had more places to collect clutter. the first thing she said was that she needed to clear the i do have to say i never did get back there to see if the woman lost weight or not...but i like to think that there is validity in her it is a good excuse to get rid of the junk! and it feels so good!

any way....there are no new pictures...and i have to say Jackie's guess is right...i am building mushrooms to sit on for posing..the cleaning spree actually started with my work space over there...first up the worst worst worst part of the house(nice to get the worst out of the way...the rest will feel like a piece of cake!) my storage room. So far in the past 5 days I have cleared out more than 12 large black garbage bags out of there alone!.phew!

I have posted a banner in my right column on behalf of Bernie Berlin and her outstanding efforts for her shelter for displaced and abuse animals. Her work is amazing. She is trying to raise money through this organization. If she can remain in the top 4 she will also qualify for a 50K grant to help her rescue mission! Every donation counts..starting at a mere $10..they accept paypal so that makes it extra easy! Please find it in your heart to help

If you would like to read more about her efforts please visit her blog: she has lots of photos..some happy ones and others that will make you cry!!
thank you!!
have a wonderful day!!


Joanne Huffman said...

I admire you for cleaning out the clutter. I'm close to being overwhelmed by my clutter (although, to be honest, it isn't the cause of my weight problems). Keep up the good work.


Kathy McElroy said...

Let me know if it works!

Elizabeth Parsons said...

it must be in the water...I've had the same cleaning bug all month- I even posted before/after pics of my linen closet on my blog...