Sunday, January 13, 2008

sorry no new hints yet...

I am being a good girl and am working on my dark RR book...a story of vampires. It is ridiculously late...if i weren't the hostess i would have banned myself..*sigh* Once i get it going though, it should run smooth after this. The last 6 months have been crazy..starting with 4-5 days a week of football back in July into school prep, party prep, Thanksgiving reunion and all the other stuff. I am praying for a couple of boring months just so I can catch my breath around here~.....I was almost going to drop and just hostess...but then i decided that since this is probably the last RR I am going to participate in, that I will make it wonderful and fun! last RR hurrah~

I have so many new and exciting things happening right now....that I need to concentrate more on those and stop the swaps~ I loved the past 4 years of swapping..but as always all good things eventually come to an it is time for new good things!
I will post a new hint maybe later today..and hopefully pics of my fun RR book!!

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