Friday, January 4, 2008

just for fun...

I decided to dig around the internet for images of larger women called big, plump, rubenesque among other things...very interesting reading! Of course any of us perplexed with weight issues some days just feel so alone..well We need to relax..not only through out history but even today women have been larger and rounder and damn those idiots that brought out that super skinny woman back in the early trhough late 1900's...being round doesn't mean unattractive or here are some of the images I have found..I think this support my idea of a photography book I want to create..the everyday diva...soon every one..that is one of my goals for this work on getting my studio ready....remember that long oddly shaped tube i showed afew months will find out soon what it is!!!
So first I decided to search for some Leonardo DaVinci artwork..i knew that his women were frequently full is one example of an angel drawing...never saw this one before..

then I came across the term rubenesque and did a search for Ruben' are some that i you can see the round woman is portrayed as very sexy and beautiful!

Hey if EVE is round...what in the world are we worried about..she is the original woman...geesh what was all this fuss about?

and look at their beautiful creamy white artificial tans here... a more modern painting..unfortunately there was no statement of who the artist was...but really it is a gorgeous painting and the women look so....well womanly

and yet an even more modern painting..I find her so adorable
and besides the well known vixen of the earlier part of the century..the well known blonde bombshell..Marilyn Monroe here is my all time favorite full figured woman. It was interesting..I found this on a BET blog and there was aman just slamming her...talking how horrible looking she is...okay she may not have the most beautiful shape in the world..but if you watch any of her movies you can see how comfortable she is with herself...her size does not stop her! She is fun and is beautiful inside and out! She can always brighten my day watching her moviesand my most favorite full figured woman image was this one...It is just so amazing...To see a group of women like this....they are having the time of their life here...there is beauty in that~
and last not but least a fun cartoon from this talented guy a large sized wonderwoman~....what fun..and what a super woman~


The Backporch Artessa said...

I soooo Love these! I love to think of what one of my closest friends from Mexico told me when I was feeling down about my extra...

He said "muñeca, don't you know that meat is for the man...bone is for the dogs!" Real men love a choice cut of meat!

Joanne Huffman said...

For obvious reasons, I really enjoyed these pictures.

I hope you're feeling better. You have a lot of talent and a lot of loyalty and should be very proud of all you handle at once.