Sunday, January 27, 2008

I LOVE my life...aka "I know I am spoiled rotten...."

We went on an overnight business trip thurs-Fri last week. Art had a course he attended at this gorgeous hotel. I tagged along just to get a mini getaway! Here is what greeted us as we walked into the lobby~(bear with me..there is actually some art at the bottom of this post!) the flower arrangements were made by this wonderful shop across the street called Marley's so many fun and unique items and prices that made my hair stand on end and take my breat away..artistic clothing...600 for one jacket?..gees maybe i need to send them pictures of some samples...rofl~ I wish i had just hung out and sat in the lobby. I froze my butt of walking around town for a while with no shops that were of interest to me..too expensive with snotty sales clerks..I felt like Julia roberts in Pretty Woman....gees
the lobby is only one example of how gorgeous this whole hotel was. It is the Townsend Hotel in Birmingham MI. I felt spoiled. We had a delicious dinner the night scallops were the size of hardboiled eggs...6 of them with delicious everything else to go with it..including some of the best margarittas i have ever had!when we walked into our room....this was the first thing I saw! I told Art..."i Love my life!!'''rofl! yes am a bit spoiled at makes all the hard work worth it though!details details every should have seen the mini bar...Thre was even a jar of gummy bears~ i resisted though..i had ahuge dinner and then went down to the restaurant for breakfast

the suite
the restaurant in the lobby..this is while I was waiting for my cream cheese and lux brekafast!
So after the swim meet yesterday the rest of the weekend was spent up here in my studio~ I had signed up for the bracelet club at paulas kit club(.com) and wanted to play. I decided i wanted a necklace and earrings. I love the look of bracelets but honestly never wear them..or rarely. So i played and played and played...i ended up cleaning my studio the rest of the afternoon today or I wouold have had time for another set or two..but Turners cubscouts are coming on Feb 14th for their party and crafts...and Salina lost her friends it was a good reason to dig in and start the cleanup...i still have more to go..but wow! i can see my table top a bit..rofl~
this one I added fabric yo-yo's and used the majority of the kit
for this one I used the red button and lace from the kit(paula's kit not the jewelery one) the heart beads are from French General from the valentine kit... one more these are highly addictive so be ready to see more in the future...a good way to use up all those vintage and various buttons i collect...ha ha..maybe 100 more and i might make a so this was a wonderful past few days...a get away with Art and a day and half of artwork..what more can a girl ask for! Life is good!


Joanne Huffman said...

Angela, the photos of hte hotel are lovely and it sounds like you were properly pampered. The necklaces and earrings are very cool. Are you going to wear them or sell them?


Anonymous said...

"Hello Angela,

I'm glad you enjoyed staying at our hotel. We're happy to serve you. Your pictures are beautiful and really capture the hotel's spirit and the special touches we provide for each guest. If you are ever in the Birmingham area again, feel free to contact us. Thanks!

Peter Wilde

Managing Director, Townsend Hotel"

Karen Campbell said...

These button necklaces are gorgeous! The aqua one is my favorite!