Wednesday, August 8, 2007

today's fun....

my sagas for sure isn't ever boring around here....well today was delivery day...while waiting paitently all day for a package for my husband i got a call that my eliptical was repaired and our friend was bringing it over right after work..well we ended up taking it partially apart to bring it up the stairs! is Keith putting it back together...and me taking a little test drive!!

and then the crate came....the semi backed into our driveway to unload Art's is huge. When Art came home we determined that we needed to inpect for any damage..well i didn't think it was neccesary to wait for him to take the screws out so i grabbed the corless and went to town....Art thought itwas so cool that i just went ahead and did that...therefore he tok pictures of me...the other one has my tummy hanging i won't show that one...rofl! this is one giant crate...wowsers!!

what is in the crate? Well a new theater screen for Art's theater...he is changing his projectors and getting a bigger badder has motorized masking.... go here to see his theater:

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