Thursday, August 9, 2007

last green collage....

Okay here it last green collage. I wasn'tsure i would have the time or gumption to get this one done too..but i did..and they are on their way out to CA!!

phew my list is slowly getting is my list i made earlier this i could keep track. I ended up almost having an anxiety attach instead once I realized all the stuff i need to art...this does not include all the tasks of everyday being the mom of 6 kids...4 of which are home and driving me!

any way here is the particular order other than how i wrote them...although additions went above and inbetween the original list..

*Create new papers(...this means two sets of 9 originals...first draft..including research and gathering ideas and supplies)

*Dark RR book (start the new one..includes cover,introduction,sign in pages and two spreads)

*Green Collages for Somerset **DONE**
*Charms (...actually two due in Sept the other due in hostessing both)

*tropical zine (this is next after i finish the tiles...2 years of those UFO forever projects)

*tiles for Altered Sisters (have 3 more to go...see blog for the ones i did)

*Mail Frame to Tracy and crystal to Dana *DONE*

*Flat Sissies (14 original 4x4's due sept sometime of little characters sent in by each artist)

*Wee folk...two little gnomes to make as thank you's..waaaaaaaay over due

*Lorri's fabric art (from Lorri Scotts fabric pack..a sample of some sort)

*Jeri's teacup fairy...**DONE** other than packing and mailing

*Scrap her Picture swap...this is where i will get a scan of my partners photo(s) and i pick enough supplies to send to her to scrap her pictures

*scavenger hunt stash swap *DONE* I had to fulfil a list of items...15-20 of the list of 20 to send tomy partner..that was fun..but still it took time..about 2 hours to find and package it all. things like -5 white things-50buttons-10 pieces of chipboard, something metal...etc

*Diva Dictionary pages. 14 5x7 either original or copies with great embellies...

*create 3 more Fairy Rider sheets....okay at 6 images per page x 1.5 hours 1 hour each sheet time..that right there is about 30 hours work alone...

so i am sure if i thought about it there is more to do...phew!..doesn't it make you tired?....

hah!but the challenge is what makes my blood flow hot! off i go to get hot and sweaty first on my new eliptical...and then clean the house..and then and then and'd think i would be some skinny thing....


Kathy McElroy said...

I love your green collage. When do you have time to sleep?

Joanne Huffman said...

The Pond Life collage is adorable. Your list is very long - would you like to add some of my tasks?