Wednesday, August 15, 2007

busy week....

What a busy week! Weeell my mom and her new boyfriend visited earlier...Russ is wonderful and such a sweetie! We ended up taking a drive over to Kalamazoo and having lunch with Stephanie and Christopher...and Ashton. Later mom ran over to get Ashton so he could hang out and have dinner with us! I couldn't resist snapping a picture of his freshly shaven face with a nice neat hair cut!

Turner with the puppy...oh my he is such a camera ham!! Oscar is growing so fast.... weeeeeehhheee I got a new toy! One of my purchases visiting Ashton at World Market> i had to resist the urge for the spa robe for him...but ooh it was adorable...maybe next time i won't be able to resist...i swear he is liking having a new baby..or!

Ashton...pretty cute huh? son makes me proud!
Well let's see what else...oh! Dream Street Papers got talked about on the Diva Craft Lounge ( ) click on the CHA show..we are mentioned about 28 minutes in...a great show btw! They even mentioned my name..woohooo~ Tara was interviewed today look out for that show!!
I picked out the paints for my next set of pink is one of the colors...oooh it is soo purdy...can't give any more than that away....but keep tuned for sneak peeks in January...rofl..i know long time from now!
and let's see....ah big dent in my is changing a few things in his theater..bigger screen and new projector..then we are getting a hot tub..woo hoo and deck
and FOOTBALL season..oh yippee...actually Tyrus is so excited, this is his first year. I think i ambringing the camera tonight to play art this week...but soon i have some major art catching up..i think it will call for no!
well that is all for now...hopefully next time i will have some art to share...

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Joanne Huffman said...

Angela, fun photos of your family. And, I think there is a law that you have to dress up pugs in funny outfits and take their pictures.