Wednesday, August 8, 2007

An Artful day.....and night?...

I had a wonderful day yesterday. It started out early! I had to get baby Jon to the dentist at 8am so he could have a filling put in. Come to find he had two fillings with one needing a pulpectomy....a baby tooth root canal...eeeek~ poor little guy....but he sat there like a little trooper and did not peep one tiny bit! He is now pain free...i think!

so then i came home and hung out and dinked around in my studio a bit, got some package ready to mail and decided that when i dropped Turner off at Sylvan that i would stop in at Hobby Lobby and see if they have crepe paper..and also to check out the Love Elsie stuff every one was raving about....I think Elsie is an adorable and amazing and talented young lady...she is a mere 23(correction 24 going on 25..geesh that is so old..ha!) years old...the same age as my oldest Stephanie(okay pretty darn close). Any way...she is very inspiring and so gone it it should be a crime to be so!
I keep seeing these adorable crepe paper creations on i had to buy crepe paper...I am obsessed with trying some things you will see i made a few things with the green i bought...well i bought every color they make...rofl! I also bought some stencils and some other fun stuff to play with!

So after an hour and a half of wandering around HL..i bought a pile of stuff...every color of crepe paper, some of Love Elsie's rubberstamp set which i put to use in my two collages...what a fun font~ I also bought the latest Cloth Paper new friend Linda Cain has some art in for my afternoon tea i will sit and read that...and also i bought Elsie Flannigan's 52 challenges book...looks fun! I figured since i need to get familiar with the scrapping world...having assignments would be a great way to do it...i realized that is how i work best...tasks..give me a list and give me tasks! I made more messes of course..dumping out flowers and all sorts of fun stuff!

I also hung up my huge butterfly kite and hanging lights from my mom in my studio...and i completed two collages that i am going to submit for Somerset Studio's green issue....and i got Jeri's art printed and mounted on the should be dry and cured enough to cut it out today....and a third image for a third canvas. If i mail the collages by Thursday I will be able to get them there by Monday's deadline!
any way here my pics for today.....oooh! I almost frog prince cookie jar i found at a garage sale a couple of weeks ago...i have been meaning to share him since...

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Anonymous said...

Angela, I just saw this same orange circle light used on a TV show (Design on a Dime). Enjoyed readimg your blog!! Santa