Wednesday, August 1, 2007


I have got to get myself used to this blog! So this morning a report on our new puppy Oscar...he is crazy and silly and soooo sweet. He just cracks me up! His little pitiful whine in the morning when he heard me get up was just too hard to resist. Of course he didn't want to potty he wanted to play~ Ugh this housebreaking things is the pits...our house is so big i can't keep track of himand sure enough before I find him he has left his little pile or mark...*sigh* I don't want another dog that thinks the whole house is a toilet...did that too many years with Mitzi...she never was housebroken. It took me too many years to finally realize and admit it...then she was so stubborn about it and then went senile and became worse....*sigh*

I hope today i can get myself to sneak in some art time...i miss it so bad, but because i have waited so long, now i feel rusty at it...and it is getting harder to be motivated to come play. I do have some swap things i need to i will use that deadline as my!

oh crap..I forgot about a scavenger hunt one...ACK! I better do that one first~

i hate when i get this way...forgetful and behind on things...although it was a rough week last week with Mitzi being put to sleep and sad...okay off to get ready for the gym....


Karen Owen said...

Angela, Oscar is adorable! Do you have a crate for him? That's the easiest way to train a dog - don't let him run around the house unsupervised until he's trained. There are plenty of books on the subject.

Housebroken or not, he's adorable.


Karen Campbell said...

Oh Oscar is a cutie, Angela!!
Now how about a Gemini Angel Art website logo banner for your link section? Links are cool, but I love the look of the logo buttons :)