Sunday, February 28, 2021

Serenity, 1961 Avion Spring/ Summer theme 2021

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This has been my latest project. A few more final touches for the trailer will be added, but it is mostly finished!  

Introducing my Pineapple Party!!  With flamingo accents! This theme started with the panels that were used for the comforter cover. I found it a while back when visiting my father in Redmond Washington, before he passed away. Any how my son Tyrus loves flamingos. So when I saw the panel I had to get it for him and his then girlfriend Kayla to make them a plush backed quilt. I loved it and later decided that i wanted one too. So I ordered 3 more panels (one set was used for another plush backed quilt for my best friend Jair)  and discovered the red fabric that was part of the fabric series. I was perfect for my Shasta trailer for curtains!  Fast forward to now! I never got around to making this theme for the Shasta, however, it has the colors for my Avion as well! Gold and turquoise. So it was perfect for a summer them for Serenity!! so here are the details! 

First: the Flamingo/Pineapple panel that started it all! Note* I decided since Art was going to be camping with me to focus more on the  Pineapple aspect and less on the Flamingos, although did add a few here and there! 

The fabulous curtain fabric!! So pretty and fun!

So now that we had the theme chosen along with colors, the real fun began. Curtains made it was time to shop and find the details. I did my best to find some vintage items to stay with the vintage feel of the trailer, so a mix of new and old the look was created!

how fortunate! A Flamingo with a PINEAPPLE! I believe it was from Hobby Lobby!
Hobby Lobby is always an amazing source for items. I try to make sure it is when they are on sale,or it can get too expensive. This umbrella was a "must have" too cute! 
I found this cute rug for a good price on Amazon (another go to place to find specific items) 

The finished table setting, but lets look at the details first!

I used the turquoise bowls from the vintage melamine set from fall. Found these fabulous vintage mid century enameled cups, new napkins, plates , placemats and elevated platter from Hobby Lobby

A couple of pineapple lanterns found at Goodwill. I added the battery powered candle inside. I believe these were originally tiki lanterns that got separated from their bases. I saw some on Amazon after i got these. I think they work fabulously as table decorations!

Here I reused the gold teapot, had the flamingo in the car salt and pepper shakers, to the side a copper pineapple drink mug from Amazon, vintage napkin holder found on Etsy, with new napkins from the Pioneer Woman collection at Wallie world!

close up of that awesome pineapple drink mug. I got a pair of them! I can't wait to be sipping some delicious tropical concoction on a camping trip this year!

Another piece of that fabulous md century enamel ware. Briard is the designer. I keep discovering more pieces. I found an amazing 3 gallon coffee pot, it was not that expensive, so I had to add it to the collection. I have not only been decorating, but am also getting the trailer ready for actual camping. I discovered the wall backsplash is able to hold magnets, so I added some magnetic spice containers and a peel and stick magnetic knife holder! I will add the spices closer to camping  seasin! 

Next came the pillows! I had the collection of pillows from Tyrus and Kayla when the parted ways. Tyrus didn't want to do the flamingo theme any more, so I kindly took in all the decor! LOL I found the amazing gold pillows at Hobby Lobby! so vintage looking! Great addition and will probably remain in the trailer with future themes! 

And to bring the focus back to pineapples. I made these wonderful Pineapple pillows with some fun fabrics and fabrics from the curtain and comforter cover!

Last but not least, the comforter. The final touch to bring the whole theme together! It was a really fun project and added so much to the theme when I put it on the comforter!! So happy with my bright and fun theme for this year! Here it is as the finished top! Just before I added the backing and made into a cover!

And here it is on the bed with some final decoration photos! 

found this perfect condition straw bag at Goodwill!!and just had to have the retro radio from  Amazon!!
Here you see the 3 gallon Braird Enamel pot from a newlydiscovered antique store downtown Jackson, Michigan! Also, a cute ceramic pineapple, the other lantern and a vintage hair dryer, all found at Goodwill!

The best part of all of this is sharing. My grandchildren seem to want to go out to the trailer every time they visit. Ayla was enjoying playing "tea party" after asking me once again to go out and see the trailer! Micah was just doing his own thing! LOL 

next post will be an update on My Funny Valentine. She is getting a tropical tiki theme! One I started a few years ago and am now getting around to finishing...a preview....the curtains I made 4 years ago...  So many fun photos with this theme and lots of projects!! Update soon! three posts in one morning is enough!! See ya next time! 


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