Sunday, February 28, 2021

Owls every where! I quick Owl Halloween decor!

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I brought my new Avion home shortly before my last camping trip in October. As always, wanted to add my touches to her decor as soon as I could. Even though the original decor was lovely, it simply wasn't me. I needed some stronger colors and lots of fun additions. Being that I only had a few (3-4) weeks or so, I quickly found things that I had around the studio with some quick trips to Goodwill and a few finds from Etsy. First and foremost, new curtains. I always start a new theme with curtain fabric.  I searched for days to find the perfect retro fabric, got some samples and still never found something I LOVED.  But, I had this cool owl fabric that I had purchased for a possible dress. It had the right turquoise and accent colors. Now that I decided to use that as my start, I knew that there wasn't enough for a complete set of curtains, I brought the fabric with me to the fabric store and found a base fabric to use as the curtains and then use the owls as a border! Voila! Fast fix. So now i had the start of my theme! 

so for the tie backs, I simply found some fabric on hand that was a nice accent. To carry on the color theme of the trailer, the gold was a natural choice! Even though, I probably would not have chosen gold as a wall choice, I truly love it and find the challenge of creating a color scheme with what i have rather fun!

Next came the decorating! A few quick trips to Goodwill found some fun accents! Oh another first for decorating a trailer is finding dishes that match. I absolutely LOVE vintage melamine aka melmac and in my search found this pattern on Etsy. It was perfect! It has all the colors and I loved the art on it! However,  It seemed really familiar. After a short dig through tubs in my attic, I discovered that I actually had a set!! wwoohoooo! I love those synchronicities 

I found a couple of leaf placemats and the gold teapot at Goodwill! What fun!  I had various owls and owl pillows in the home stash!  My theme was coming together! 
A Halloween owl and some new pillows from JoAnn Fabric and the theme was building. A silver pumpkin from Goodwill, more owls from the stash. A brown Owl mug from my kitchen, a mate in turquoise found at Goodwill, It was getting really cute in there! 

Two new pillows in the color scheme with a red one from my home stash. Another owl pillow I had from my front porch owl many cute and fun accents! 
My one owl that I searched for. I was looking for a vintage 70's macram√© owl. Our Halloween gathering is always a "Hippy Halloween" so my nod for that was finding a few 70's items. Including this owl! I was so fortunate when I found this at a local antique store and then the addition of a couple of lava lamps and some incense, i had a fun 70's theme going on! 

Ceramic owl, Goodwill find. My cool copper coffee pot!  Making the trailer my own is always so much fun!

The previous owners left me this amazing vintage radio. Sadly, it doesn't work. And Hedwig from my Harry Potter theme, got a place of honor in the corner!
Another important aspect of decorating a trailer, is the bed. Since I was on a time constraint, making a new cover for the comforter was impossible. So I dug out the gray cover from my previous Halloween theme for the Shasta and the fluffy gray blanked, added the owl pillows from my porch theme and the new ones i purchased (those were a bit extravagant, but fit the theme so nicely, I just could not resist)

from back to front. Looking so cozy in there!

so there is the inside. Next, I gathered some fun Halloween items from the home stash and had fun decorating the outside for our rally!! Dream catcher and floor pillow were from the Gypsy Gala Party I created for my mom for her 80th birthday! The rest were things from my home stash in the Halloween tubs! 

Flamingo skeletons were a fun project! Black spray paint and white acrylics make for a quick Halloween update for the standard pink Flamingos!  LOL 

Next post, my Pineapple and Flamingo theme, I was going to make it for the Shasta, but since I still have not found that "perfect" fabric for a default decorating theme for Serenity, I used the fabric set for the Avion instead! It is so fun and happy! I am actually kind of glad I haven't quite found the "right" fabric so far! 

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