Friday, February 4, 2011

Life around here is so fun...

My new toy arrived yesterday! After having been watching pole dance videos for a year on youtube, admiring the grace, flexibility and strength of so many talented dancers..i just had to have one! I got it installed successfully yesterday..and looked at it...and then attempted to just hang on it...oh my! I have a long way to go..but I am i lose more weight it will get i just have to not give up and keep trying. Fortunately the website i found that has lessons..starts at the very very beginning..first learn the sexy walk...haha....i think i am definitely happy starting with that for now~! One step at a time!

So this evening..i broke the news to Art..prefacing it with "you want a laugh?..let me show you my new toy..." a bit nervous at how he might react...He cracked up, hugged me and said "anything that makes you happy and gives you joy is fine by me"...haha and then of course the conversation deteriorated to when i become a "spinner" once again...i guess in this case it will be literally..and if you don't know what a "spinner" email me and i will try to explain...hahaha

So new toy..and maybe in a month or two i will have a video to will see..haha

Now on to a bit of least around here you get a smidgeon of all sorts of things...i definitely have never been accused of being boring!!

I am participating in a caalndar themed round robin, each month we work on the next book,creating an artwork spread that correlates with that month..either a holiday or seasonally related! I used a book created from recycled paper,printed to look like various old forms and school papers..a fun book to play with! Traditionally an altered book would be using an old book of sorts..covering the writing on the original pages...

My cover..Time Flies: birds and beauties is the loose theme. there is a card with a vintage image of a woman in the pocket, it is counter weighted with the beads.

sign in page...i left the image large so you can see my mess of various page elements and doesn't matter how clean my area always ends up about an inch larger than the piece i am working
my name and address..this shows some of the printed elements that exist in the book already...on the right page is a "boarding pass" element printed on things like this are through out the book!
January....sort of an introductory spread...i didn't want to glue all of my sections pages together so i did two spreads...
My main page for of my favorite things in the art world are the vintage "pin up" girls from the 40's and 50's
So that is it for now..time for me to go play in my studio..not sure what yet..but hopefully some more fun things to share here!
have a wonderful weekend everyone!


jackie said...

How cool that you have your own pole! And I am so impressed that you installed it all by yourself! Have fun with it but be safe!

I just love your AB! So glad to finally see photos of it! Can't wait to work in it! You've done some clever and very artistic work in it so far!

Joanne Huffman said...

I must say, the pole is an interesting piece of decor. I'm sure you - and Art - will get a lot of pleasure out of it. Your calendar book spreads are very well done. Your love of snow is evident on the January page and I love the humor of the lady with the long-johns.

Karen Owen said...

Love your book, and I look forward to working in it. Not really sure what to say about the pole, but I know you will have fun with it. Art too!

Barb said...

Love that you have begun pole "dancing"?...and please....we wanna see pics of when you are a "spinner"....LOL

Love your journal..the cover is stunning!