Sunday, January 23, 2011

a doll story, new dog, latest news...and some art

Olive and Floss begged me to let them have a slumber party in their new beach cabana. For some reason though Olive was doing all the work...until i pointed this out! Olive sat down, and had a temper tantrum and went on about how best friends and such....finally Floss gave in and helped!
The girls wanted me to see how nice they made the tent and asked for popcorn! After making them promise me they wouldn't make a mess i made some for them...Floss(the pink haired girl is visiting from Maryland)

Here is the cabana i made for them..we are going to Cancun at the end of february so i want to have some props to take folds flat so it should fit into my suitcase..yeah I know..all this for dolls! hahaha! I also made the mats and they have matching bean bags....
Best friends love to have matching they got matching night gowns..they keep talking me into letting them wear their new stuff...haha

On to the newest addition to our family! It seems i can never do anything in small amounts..6 kids....down to 3 at home now..and now 3 dogs to go with the 3 boys! Here is the story of Buddy..
We were on our way to go to Tyrus's training down town with Coach Caper and stopped for a snack pick up at the Marathon gas station. The boys ran inside and I was watching this girl..oh maybe 16ish walking around with a small dog in her hands. At first i thought she was getting into the car parked in front of me..the woman opened the window and promptly shut it...then the girl came over to me sitting in my car...i told her how cute her dog was and also noticed how thin he was...he immediately jumped into the window into my arms and on my his little face won me immediately...*see sucker written on forehead* So after her sob story of how she found him wandering and she needed to find a home for him, that changed to her sister needing $50 because she had no food...and then when i told her i would take care of him and either keep him or find his home she said it was her cousins...any this time i already had decided he was going home with me no matter what..I firmly told her i wasn't giving her money and she gave up and said well dad said i needed to find a home for he came home with us! It was instand fit in with the family. The only thing is that he gets jealous and aggresive with Oscar....but he is getting fixed tomorrow. He checked out good at the vets, is around 1 year old..and got his shots, deworming and heart worm he is officially ours!

here you can see him perched by my computer. He has decided that I am his..and follows me everywhere, he tried to mark me yesterday..i caught him just as he was lifting his leg. He also keeps me company in my studio and sleeps on his fur or in front of the warm vent on the office floor!
he has an unusual eye...part blue and part brown..his other eye is brown. He is a mini dachshund mixed with something...and sweet as can be!
Now...on to the art part...I am in a swap with my Diva is my contribution...the E's...made to look like is obviously a Valentine themed swap!
and last but not least...on my 3 week and 2 day mark..i have so far lost a total of 14 pounds. On Friday is my one month mark so i plan on taking a picture...hoping for a good week!

well i hope i didn't bore you all with my details..i need to post more often and shorter..i promise i will try to do better! love and hugs to everyone!

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Joanne Huffman said...

The cabana set up and matching nighties for the dolls are amazing. Buddy looks like he's adjusted very well to his new home (I still miss our miniature dachshund, Gilley; it's a very bright breed and tends to pick one particular human to love the most). Your heart banners are delightful.