Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Lesson in perseverance

This is Turner, my 11 year old son. He has had difficulties in school from the second day of kindergarten on....well, until this year in 5th grade...things have changed. I should have known it was a bad sign,when on the second day of Kindergarten when i went into Turner's bedroom to wake him up...his response was an exasperated "Again?!!"

Kindergarten was spent just trying to keep him from hiding under the table when things like singing happy birthday were required and not smuggling "Big Red Dog" artwork home in his was a struggle but he had an amazing teacher. !st and 2nd grade showed behavorial problems..he was contantly getting into trouble to get out of class. We implemented a chart system for his behavior..his 1st grade teacher again was amazing..she really worked with him and also spotted some learning problems so we had him tested for learning issues and various other things. He was diagnosed with having a learning disability...then it got worse...his 2nd grade teacher was not patient with him..long story short he got pulled and put into a special ed class. But this time things were really bad. His special ed teacher was fantastic with him, his attitude improved and he finally started to catch up acedemically. 4th grade comes along..this is where i got frustrated with the whole system. Turner was supposed to be reintegrated into the mainstream classroom..another long story short..after 1 failed attempt he got put back into the special ed class. Now since we had problems with the middle school with our other son..we decided it was time to move him. He was too far behind acedemically and emotionally and socially to be able to survive the challenges of private school at St Joeseph so we found another option to send him to our local charter acedemy. Endeavor. Needless to say the new environment, fantastic teachers and special ed staff...all encouraging him, he is in maintstream and is thriving!! Well, his hard work has not gone unrecognized..he has earned the moral standards award that is awarded to less than a handful of students each quarter..his award is for "Perseverance" I am so proud of Turner, i smile every day when he gets into the car and says he had an awesome day when i ask how it went. he has such a fantastic attitude now and tries his best everyday..and despite 5 years of struggle is really shining this year...He is getting his award on Monday..he doesn't know about it...i can't wait to see the look on his face. I know his father and I are going to cry our eyes out...thank goodness though for happy endings...and happy new beginnings~!
Well, i have to say, pondering this word of perseverance..i too am in my own battle..the battle of the bulge. It took a lot of self control and finally knowing that by giving up my alcohol and sweets and anything else not on my strict finally dig in and do this. Here is my first month's picture...4 weeks of the program and i have successfully lost 16 pounds so far..I may not look a ton different in this picture..but it is a fantastic beginning for me...this time I am NOT giving up..i am going all the way with it..i am persevering myself...I have noticed some changes, my face is smaller, i don't have much of that belly any more, i can't tuck my fingers under it to warm fingers are smaller, I noticed, Art can wrap his arms all the way around and even overlap them now, it is easier to run up the stairs, my feet already are not hurting as much, i hardly snore at all any more..and my blood pressure is going down and down...and these jeans don't squeaze the life out of me anymore..hopefully next check in they will be too big!
since i am not buying clothes right now..i had to splurge on these nifty red mary janes...if you don't know favorite color is red...the green and then hot pink..but these come to find match my car...perfectly! haha! Toto...this isn't Kansas click...there's no place like place like home...
a post wouldn't be complete without a doll picture and some art....Raven discovers a new vampire in town...more stories to come later...and a haunted mansion....i haven't named her yet...any suggestions would be fun!

last but not least...a little art. I made this clock for one of the girls that works for Art..her husband commissioned me to make her a sea turtle clock..she loves was fun to make!!
and on that note...i am feeling fantastic! Again i have learned how stubborn and strong willed i can be when i put my mind to something...I always say..when there is the will there is a way...this 85 pounds is now down to 69...not such a scary is happening...finally!! I am a happy girl!


Sue said...

Our children are the most important things to us. It is too bad they aren't to all teachers. Being a teacher and now Carlie becoming one, I feel it is so important to try and understand your students. They are all different and need different things. I know that there only so many minutes and hours in a day and they have so much to do. I am so glad you are involved parents and helped find a plan that works. Celebrate!!!

Joanne Huffman said...

Congratulations to Turner - what a nice ending. You look terrific in your photo. Love the red shoes. So many positive things going on.

jackie said...

So proud of Turner - hurray for finding that what he needed was out there!
Love your turtle clock!
Your photo looks adorable - congrats again on your weight loss and your perseverance! Cute shoes too!