Sunday, January 2, 2011

This year's theme..Renewal!

It is a trend for people to pick a theme word for their new year...after posting my resolutions on facebook of
1 losing all of this weight
2 belly dancing again
3 getting really good at yoga so i can one day teach
4 blogging more
5 singing more
6 starting on my children's books that i have been creating and mulling over in my brain
and then adding learning Spanish and Portuguese
one of my friends stated that it was an aggressive list....i wouldn't call it aggressive..ambitious maybe, but definitely one that will be fun for me.

Most of this will be accomplished by re-prioritizing my and laundry can wait so i can give myself a couple of hours a day to do some of the things that i keep waiting to do..waiting for more time! My soul needs body needs creativity needs renewal..all of these listed will help me do so...So this year i resolve to make more time for renew myself! I spend so much time caring for the family and our home and try to pick up a bit of time here and there...the left over crumbs of time ..for myself.

I remember after i got divorced 15 years ago from my first husband how i had to teach myself to relax. After spending 12 years hearing how lazy I was(despite the fact that i was raising and caring for 3 children a home and working 30+ hours a week) I never sat down..i was so skinny, i looked unhealthy not to mention what my self esteem and emotional state was in...I had to teach myself that it was okay to do things purely for me..When the kids would go to their dads for his 2 weeks, i would clean the house really nice the first day...and then what?..i had 13 days to myself..i learned a lot about myself and having been a mom from day one of my adulthood in a relationship with an abusive man...i had to learn who i was..some where along the line i got lost...really lost~!

I did discover i kind of like myself..and i also realized that it was okay to be nice to me!

So once again in the shuffle of a busy live as a mom and wife...a much much much happier one..i still managed to lose myself again! In a different way this time..not a bad thing..just one of those things that happen as a result of being busy! So this year is dedicated to renewing me and my spirit! This time it will be for fun...not for rescuing. A huge difference...this part of my life is a total different one..the old one was just a bad dream...long faded away!

So this morning..instead of rushing off to clean up the house or do dishes or address the Himalaya's aka the laundry..i sat in the hot tub and really enjoyed my start of the day!! what a fabulous way to start the day~! I do know though..tomorrow it will be back to the rush of school and such and putting the house back together...but sometimes it is right to pause and enjoy!

namaste! and big hugs to all!


Joanne Huffman said...

I agree with you about the need to pause occasionally. You have to stop and tread water or you'll never make it across The Channel.

Karen Owen said...

Yes, take time to enjoy life.