Tuesday, February 26, 2008

just playing...

okay i hate when this happens...i finally feel better....and then get the "now what?" Well i had to do some thing..so i played with Oscar..and a tropical themed shoot...haha! totally amatuer but it was fun...i gathered the tropical supplies and armed myself with "TREATS!" and played for a bit. Tyrus helped me.
so here he is:
Tropical Pug!

some out takes..."mom! I know you are going to give me that treat...!!

see here now...I reeeeeeeeaaaally want that cheese, I'll even shake on it..


he did really good. He is such a sweet dog. and fun and smart. I have never had a dog that was this much fun...so be ready..we have more ideas brewing...bunny ears were purchased today...along with other things...lol~
so please bear with my play time....it is so funny~
Somaybe after a couple of days I can show you my project I created for Stampington.com. I hope they like it..haven't heard yet....iof nothing else I did have a load of fun making it~
so off to find some other things to get into....(not that i don't have a list a mile long..and actually Tropical Pug does have an end use..ha ha~


Anonymous said...

Tropical Pug is absolutely wonderful! Oscar is a real cutie.


e.beck.artist said...

oh my gosh! i LOVE your dog ......

Adrienne's Art said...

Cute, cute, cute!!!!