Thursday, February 14, 2008

set up day CHA 2008 Dream Street Papers Part One

a little peek of what goes on behind the scenes at a trade show...we started at 8am and couldn't believe we were done with most of the set up by 3pm saturday. here you see all of the crates the booth is shipped in...and the panels in place
garbage everywhere!!! it was crazy and messy. The workers would run it all over on their forklifts and stuff and just push it around. They had a full crew of cleaner uppers with giant carts and brooms cleaning up the debris
Amy attaching the sign with our newly developed high- tech technique...packing once we left the show floor we went and grabbed a bite to eat at the restaurant across the street from our hotel..delish mexican food...then walked over for a 2 hour tour....yup sing it to Gilligans Isle...a two hour tour.....Target can get like that..the huge ocean of goodies. We picked up last minute supplies for the booth and personal items and whatever else fell into the cart..then we went back to our rooms....actually we mostly congregated in one room and made more samples for the bed early....haha! around 11:30..which translates into 2;30am for me being an eastern time girl

Alexis creating her most amazing mini was a crowd stopper. Her work is just so amazing to me to be continued..........


Kris said...

It looks like you worked and played very hard! Looking forward to seeing more.

Tracy said...

Looking at these pics makes me just plain ol' TIRED! lol! It was a great show, huh?