Sunday, February 17, 2008

Now that i can breath a little, the fog is clearing from my head

WEll so much happened it will take me a minute to collect my thoughts. I am just so happy to be home. I got so sick in the middle of Weds night....ugh! My throat isn't quite so sore...things are coming up(dry hack is the worst) and i don't seem to have a temperature. I did go into the Doc's Friday to make sure i didn't have strep...test came back the only thing i can do is wait it out and treat the symptoms.

So lets see.....CHA. WE had such a nice time. It is always so much fun and all of the gals at Dream Street are such sweethearts. I enjoy getting to know them a bit more each time. As always there are too many of us in the booth...none of us want to miss anything..and it really is exciting when people come into our booth with sop many nice comments about out papers. We switched to a new printer and every one was so impressed(as we were too) with the brilliant saturated colors! Usually after the first day and the initial excitement wears off and the first day crowds thin a bit we all have to opportunity to explore our surroundings a bit. I was ab le to visit with tim HOltz and watch one of his demos talented~ I found the Stampington Publications booth...they had tons of their new publications to peek at....I was so excited to meet Sarah Meehan that I have been working with doing samples for their newsletter Creative Impulse and Postscript. She asked me about a new product and if she should just send it..I said just send you will see more of my art in their newsletters. Again she said she was thrilled with my ATC calendar and also stated that she enjoys it every day looking at it sitting on her desk!! OOh and remember those paper flowers i made?..the yo-yo ones?...well I got the idea and directions from Sandra Evertsons new book "fanciful Flowers" I was so thrilled to turn around and realize she was sittting right there behind me, demoing her fun new ink blot stamps. What a sweet person! Her stuff is a must have!

On Tuesday one of the girls was waiting on a customer in our booth...and i heard "oh and she is an altered artist too(referring to me) i perked up and looked and looked at the womans badge and saw "Bernie....." I didn't have to look any further to realize it was Bernie Berlin!!!!!! (see her banner at the top of my side bar" Bernie and I have "known"each other for years now..running in the same circles of groups. I was sooo excited to finally meet her in person. She too is another wonderful and sweet person..we also realized we are the same age withing a few months. for some reason i thought she was ton younger...she looks it too! Any way she invited me to join her group for me to have my artwork in her new ATC book! So exciting!!

i got to see a ton of fun new products and gorgeous new papers...i am a i was in hog heaven. I ran into a celebrity every day going to and/or from the show and didn't realize it until the last day. The Crafty Chica!! She is so cute and so full of life. I happened to walk by her on the floor after seeing her a half dozen or more times during the previous days. then it hit me...I stopped and said hi and told her i finally realized why she looked familiar. She gave me a cute bobble head of herself..ha ha..and also two canvas bags with artwork that her husband made. One of which is a Day of the Dead bridal couple. I plan on using that some how for Cat's Day of the Dead RR book.....see Cat i was thinking of i asked her for a second bag for has aheart on it...very cool artwork!

My all time favorite product...a labeler. Very much like the Dymo, but it has interchangeable fonts I am thinking round 6 or8 and tons of fun tape colors..including some metalics and designs. I told them my story of emailing Dymo...i had mentioned to them that they could break into a multi million dollar industry if they only would come up with a few nicer colors for their tapes...their answer at the time was that they were not accepting any ideas for product improvement..what idiots. Any way...this labeler has been available for a while now is made by 'around the block" I have to dig out my notes soon as i find a retailer i will post a link!

Another cool [roduct i noticed was the "purple cow"! guillotine and also with wheels and all sorts of options...they also have a cool hot laminator that poses many fun and exciting design mind goes in whirls thinking of all the things you could do with it..

Prima's booth was amazing...lots of new stuff including laser cut ribbons of all sorts. Their paper designers are precious and so fun to talk to. When i go to CHA it is so fun to run into people you have met before...we are becoming like one big happy family...well sort of. it is loads of fun! Oh and the page frame gals...have added etched pieces to their evergrowing clear plastic mini book line....i stuill one year need to email them to get some samples to play is just kind of weird for me to ask kwim!?..i just love their products~ the clear albums have been such a hit!

oh with my is kind of interesting how it seems the people that like my papers the most are the foreigners...the Swedish and Australians in's so cool! My papers have gone! Now what would be the most fun is to see pictures of what people are doing with them!!! If you have a project leave a message here for me with your email addy adn i would love to post it on my blog....

Speaking of which, i love to reply to comments...but there is one problem, most of them don't have an email attached to it so I can't send a reply....please don't feel bad if i can't acknowledge your comment..if you would like to hear back from me please leave an email....I read each and every email and really appreciate all the lovely comments and compliments! you can always email me directly too if you don't feelcomfortable leaving your email here. Mine is

okay enough for now..and i know i am forgetting something...but i will post more if i remember!


catworx said...

This is so exciting Angela...I feel like I was there! Thanks for including all the interesting details and all the people that you wonderful!!!

And thanks for getting the DOD bag for are the sweetest!!!!

So excited about all your success!


Joanne Huffman said...

Thanks for the summary. It's fun to learn what goes on "behind the scenes."


Unknown said...

it was so nice to meet you!!! love your blog!!!! sending peace and glitter your way!
kathy :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi, it's springchick from flickr! Thanks for visiting my flickr and all the nice comments about me carvings! I've been poking around your blog -- sounds like you had a great time at CHA (not sure what that stands for). It must be really interesting designing scrapbook papers! I don't do a lot of scrapbooking, but I am a paper junkie as I use them in many other art-related projects like altered art and handmade journals. Sorry for rambling, just wanted to pop in and say "hi", oh, and welcome to letterboxing!