Thursday, February 14, 2008

CHA part deux: my gorgeous roomies...and opening day

I have to share our beautiful surroundings with every is what we got to see at night outside of our hotel...i wish that i could have taken pics of the palm tree forest outside of the convention center....this is for all of my fellow northern gals that are shivering in the single digit temps lately! the atrium of our hotel...we stayed at the Embassy suites...breakfast buffet in the morning...with everything you could ask for including made to order omelets and also free happy hour every evening....the lion on top of the rock would roar every hour or so...koi in the streams and the soothing sound of water fall

opening i am all made up...ready to
my absolute precious roomies Alicia and Lara. Alicia is on our DT and Lara is one of our very talented designers

The Dream Street Booth, Dana and Tracy's lines on this wall

The other side....Natalie, Audrey and my paper linesClose up of my wall..Alicia did the gorbgeous samples for mine. Her designs are amazing!! She seems to always be able to portray what the designer had in mind for her line...i was stunned!
Lara's papers on the left and Kelly's on the right
Alexis' papers Alexis and Amy's on the right...Amy's are the ones that are the easiest for me to work with..they have music notes on them and some really cool other elements and flowers

Dana and then Tracy's two lines

We actually were able to get a picture of all of us designers that were at the show all together...unfortunately Tara (the owner) had stepped out to phone in orders...and all of my photos of her are either from behind or blurry....darn!
left to right
Audrey,Dana, Tracy, me, Amy(she is feeling my butt see!...rofl...j/k), Lara and Alexis

and my traditional CHA visit to see Tim Holtz' do one of his demos....i figured after 3 previous times a photo might be fun! He is great and ever so talented....
now after i recuperate..more news of fun things that happened to me...not many photos but lots of cool stuff!
to be continued.....maybe tomorrow
I have been very sick today with temp over 100 and horrible cough that is painful since my chest hurts and throat hurts....if i don't feel better tomorrow i am going in to see if i need meds..


Aileen said...

Looks like a fun but tiring time Angela, thanks for sharing :-)

Joanne Huffman said...

great photos of what looks like a fun time. I look forward to hearing more about it and I hope you're feeling better.


Connie said...

well your papers sure stand out more than the rest! i love all of your lively color. it looks like you are hav ing a great time...i hope you are feeling better soon!

The Backporch Artessa said...

Girlfriend you did not dissapoint! Thanks for thinking of us looky-loos who want to know everything! I almost feel as if I were there...except my feet are frozen.....
Thanks for sharing!

Tracy said...

Great recap! : )

Anonymous said...

I hope you get to feeling better sweetie! :( Thanks for the photos! I am sad I wasn't there for the group photo...but maybe this summer? Hugs!