Monday, September 3, 2007

this place is a zoo.....

well okay maybe not all days..but today we went to the zoo..what a fun day!...and relaxing!
Here is Tyrus petting and feeding the giraffe!

Turner playing with the goats

some cute pics of the boys...Turner Tyrus
Jonathon (dad I added these for your brag thread...since you didn't have all the i just need Stephanie!)
And Salina..isn't she a sweetie...and gorgeous?!~Riding the brand new carousel...this is one of only a couple that turned out

riding the cow...Salina, Jon and her new boyfriend/male type friend...(not official boyfriend...really nice and cute..his name is Preston)

Turner and Jonathon...little buds... is Art and me
No trip to our zoo is complete without taking a ride on the giant ant! Turner insisted on "driving the ant"
I have to admit somedays when the stress is high...the best thing is to bail and go out and have fun...Our zoo is one of the most beautiful zoos I haveever been to.....not a gazilion animals....but it is very wooded and natural and so relaxing to visit....even on hotter days~

Aaaah! I feel refreshed~


Anonymous said...

Great photos of beautiful children. And, you're right, I love Bionder Park Zoo.

Kathy McElroy said...

Looks like you had a wonderful "family day out". Great pictures. I enjoyed the show!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you posted some new pictures of the boys. I haven't seen any new ones for a long time. Boy, had Jonathan gotten big. It's hard to believe how fast time is flying.

Unknown said...

Enjoyed all the picture. Sounds like you all had fun.

I am going to use Tyrus' and Jonathon's on my thread "Opa Norb's brags", also Salina again the way she looks w/o makeup. Now I am only missing Stephanie. Your brother got motivated and sent a pix of Karl. Couldn't get one yet of Michael. They don't like to have their picture taken, he says - unlike apparently your kids lol

Love D.