Sunday, September 9, 2007

good morning...

What a beautiful day it is...and was yesterday! WE started out early though...Tyrus had his first football game and we had to be there by on normal days that isn't really early but it is saturday for cripes sake...Any way the weather was perfect...65 and a bit sunny and no humidity...perfect football weather!~

We enjoyed sitting and chatting with some of the other parents and watched the game that started at 10:30..fortunately it had short quarters....Tyrus got to play the whole game..he is starting line up for defense...i have no clue what position he is in but he is in the front row toward the center...and then they won....last quarter with 2 minutes to go they scored a touchdown...the one and only one in the game...and held the other team off the rest of the game..YAY!

then we had a bit of lunch and came home...around 2!! amazing how fast a day can go! after cleanup and spending a bit of time with ARt....the rest of the day I spent doing some artwork!! Double yay! I worked on the rest of the tiles for my local group. Each person picked a theme and handed out these cardboard tiles that Joanne provided. they seem to be made out of coaster material..with rounded edges..very cool substrate for artwork. The intention is for each artist to hang them together creating a larger panel of art with all of the tiles attached to each other to make a "quilt" of sorts~

The first one here had a Johnny Depp theme...since no one had jumped at doing a Pirates of the Carribean one...i had to~The second one is a "cool colored Dragon" theme...i love this dragon stamp i have and was tickled to have the opportunity to play with it! Used mainly papers and things that were close at year i will have no scraps..HA!this third one is actually made on a piece of unprimed ran a bit when i sprayed on the Color Mists through the stencil..but i liked the effect! This is Susan's wings themed tileand my personal favorite an ABC-reading themed one for reminds me of some of Adrienne Hurtt's work!!!....i miss that girl..

so now I am off to see if i can fix Ty's internet so Art can have peace on his..and do a bit more art's prject is to get the Diva Dictionary pages made and ready t mail for word is Carp....i already made an image a while back for this and added it to my last collage that part is done..oh one more image..i have been playing with more fairies like my cupcake fairy...this is a tooth fairy..i had some one ask me to make none cute colors...well these fairies are all "cute" so that is hard to do..but it is not in light pnk....if you would like to use her in your artwork go ahead...since i have a rather small audience is fun to share with all of you!! All of her accesories are handpainted...I painted the wings along with a pile of others and her wand and teeth accents last night too! What a fun artfilled evening it was!


jackie said...

Angela, all of your tiles are gorgeous! I especially love the Johnny Depp one!
Your Tooth Fairy image is adorable and I truly appreciate your generosity in sharing it!

Joanne Huffman said...

Angela, I look forward to seeing the tiloes in person tomorrow. The tooth fairy is adorable - is she going to Art's work?