Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Tuesday night's dinner....

I apologize if you find my food pictures boring..but I am trying to make food amore fun and healthful point in my life...a hobby of sorts...Rather than throwing that frozen pizza in the oven just to save time...I am making dinners a fun part of my day...and taking pictures of the pretty dishes actually adds to the fun! I would also like to add if any one is interested in "recipes"just say so and I will be happy to add those too..i just thought that i wouldn'tpush! I hjave been told by any visitors that I am a really good cook...I do have to admit..I haven't killed any one it must not be too bad...rofl!...I guess my lasagne has a reputation..some one working on concrete here a couple of summers ago asked me about my guess what!? I made a lasagne lunch for the whole concret crew...about 8 guys the next day..they left with a smile on their faces..rofl!

Last night i tried something I have never made before. I made homemade chicken pot pie!...I usually hate anything pie...the crust makes me sick to my stomach..I realize now that it is probably because it is full of transfat, when you get pre-prepared crusts and on commercially made pies and pot pies...bleh! So, instead, I thought I would make a bisquit topping...'made from scratch' bisquit topping..with butter instead of shortening...another bleh on my list..I think I have bought shortening once in my life and regretted it!

Any way, the recipe search had quick results...I made up the pot pie ingredients and gravy all on my own including a bit of spicy natural chicken jalempeno sausages....for just that little bit of zing~...easy peasy gravy with flower in the liquid...and just found a recipe for butter/buttermilk bisquits. Since I didn't have buttermilk I substituded a bit of sour cream...about a 1/3 of a cup..but ended up adding the rest of the milk in anyway...But the sour cream added a delicious flavor

the first Picture is of the chicken,chicken sausage and onions cooking in a bit of chicken broth..I use every thing MSG free...that is nasty stuff and I have adverse reactions to it...almost 3/4 of the ones listed...
Here I have the biquit batter mixing in my barely used mixer...i keep forgetting I have the darn thing...rofl..but I have drug it out twice this week..yay!
here it is fresh out of the oven..and I have to say...this was THE BEST bisquits i have ever had..the boys said so too...Turner even ASKED!!!! to try that was a first..he is a food puritan..nothing can touch each other..nothing can be mixed...meat in one inch inbetween...noodles in another pile..veggies in another. Okay so he only ate a few bites..but that was monumental!!! here is the yummy inside. I mixed in frozen peas and a bit of a frozen veggie soup mix. I feel better about my use of frozen vs fresh not that my mom told me that they are saying in most cases frozen is actually better because all of the vitamins are frozen in right after they are picked...fresh could be sitting around quite a while before being consumed...phew! frozen lasts so much longer..therefore is more economical!

so I am very happy to report supper was a hit with every one last night...and it sure did taste good! I guess if the cook approves and had ahard time not picking at the left must have been good...LOL!!

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