Wednesday, September 12, 2007


wow..i was just reading that page on is kind of scary...I have had some of the worst reactions and believe me it was terrifying! here are the ones that I experienced all at once on one of my most severe times:
rapid heartbeat
flu like achiness
loss of balance
panic attacks(yeah this helped the whole thing even more ....phew!)
insomnia(gees i wonder why!)
chills and shakes
numbness in my face and hands and feet
shortness of breath
chest pain
and a weird feeling in my mouth...sort of runny..kind of like when you are going to throw up...

I had all of these all at once..I thought I was dying....the adverse reaction developed suddenly. I never had to watch what I ate before..but one night after we had eaten chinese I woke up with all of these symptoms...the good news is i remembered that my brother got headaches from i was smart enough to go see if there where other!

so you might want to watch out...It is in my understanding that allergic reactions/sensitivities can come on suddenly...I guess your body can only tolerate so much of things..and one is the straw that breaks the camel's back...kwim!?
just thought i might share this...some people have never heard how bad MSG is actually for us...I avoid certain restaurants because I know their proprietary season contains MSG~...


Anonymous said...

Hey Girlfriend, Mike and I are both allergic to MSG ourselves, and we've learned the hard way that just because a restaurant says "no MSG added" doesn't mean they are MSG free. it just means they don't add anything extra in! Alot of bulk rice, and minute rice already has MSG in it from the packaging plant. Be careful- once sensitive, the symptoms only get worse with each exposure. Luckily, the word seems to be getting out that it's dangerous, and many restaurants are banning it all together.

Unknown said...

Carol is very allergic to MSG also. The symptoms are very similar to the ones you're describing. In addition she feels puffy for a long time afterwards.

Emily said...

I love junk drawers! They are the best...loved looking thru my moms and now I have my own. Every 6 months (or longer) I look thru them and organize. Then, slowly but surely they return to their delightfully messy state and I can organize again! lol! I feel like they are quirky scrapbooks/time capsuls of our lives. Love em!