Sunday, September 2, 2007

knocking them off the list

getting some of my list done! YAY!! remember that list i posted a few weeks back?..well i am still working on between the contsruction and kids, summer stuff and getting ready for our huge meet Sept 29th....i still have costumes to design and make..besides that here it what i got done so far..quick post while i wait for ARt who had to make an emergency run for butterfly sutures...Turner cut his finger really gone it can we have one quiet evening?..he is holding pressure on it watching tv....gees can you tell i have had 6!

any is what i made with Lorri's fabric/embellishment pack....she sent me two packages of vintage goodies in exchange that i make something for her to show as an example to keep one package for trade~ I created a composition book cover...the only things I added were the background fabric, flowers, buttons..pen and index!~

I also got my Art to Art swap stuff done tonight...and also a thank you gift! I had made a tiny mint tin necklace for my dear friend Joanne a year or so ago..she loved it..and i had a blast making I thought it would be fun to make some more...i love the tins with the tiny leaves embossed on them...unfortunately i only had two...but the mini altoid tins are fun too!..sad that I collect tins not for the mints but for the tin...rofl~

this one says on the inside "in a world of love and peace, music would be the universal language"
this one says: "every child is an artist, the problem is how to stay an artist...." i ran out of room for the last tinybit of the quote..."when one grows up"

this one says: "we can't take credit for our talents, it is how we use them that counts"
I had lots of fun making them...and am relieved to knock two more items off my back to see what Turner is up to andsee what else I can accomplish before i totally zonk...i think i am close....
oh Art came back already...We bandaged Turner's finger..not as bad as it initially did stop bleeding too!...PHEW!!! ...where's my xanax?..oh wait!! i haven't had any in a year....okay off to refill my wine glass....rofl!


Lorri Scott said...

These are cool, I like that you put them on a cord for hanging. Can they be a necklace or are they too large?

And I like what you did with the treasure bag, can't wait to see it in person!!


Anonymous said...

Very cool use of Lorri's treasure bag. The composition book looks great. You make beautiful necklaces (I speak from being a happy recipient); these tins are great.

Kathy McElroy said...

I'm glad Turners finger is okay. Your tins look very cool and fun. Great cover on your compostion book. Now just sit and breath.

primdollie said...

wow what a busy girl my dear!!! love all the new art esp those little tins too fun!!!! and hope that Turner's finger is ok!! gees boys aye!!! Hugs Linda

Anonymous said...

You make beautiful art! Enjoyed the read.

Anonymous said...

I wish I had half of your energy!
It was fun reading about your trip to the zoo :-)

Sarah said...

just found you blog whi;st surfing in blogland...haved loved looking through it. even more great are you collage sheets. stunning tins wow