Sunday, September 9, 2007

and the winner is..........

Well Jonathon wasn't near by for the i picked the next one up to help me out...Turner was more than happy to he is as he picks the winning name....(sexy in his!) and with no further ado...the winner is:
Congratulations Fran! I will get that out to in the next day or two.....
I hope you like it!!!


Andi said...

Angela...I love your blog! I didn't have it ear marked on my google page, so only came over occasionally, when you told us to. Now, I can come more frequently.
I love all the pictures of your family. My, how nthe boys have grown!! They are still cute as ever though.
I feel like I have visited with you after reading your whole blog!!
hugs, Andi

jackie said...

Congrats, Fran! You've won a very cool purse!

Connie said...

Well what a cute purse that is, Angela - lucky Fran! I finally caught up on reading your blog - I love all of your family pictures - and that boyfriend of Stephanie's, well he's prettier than most girls!
Boy have you been busy - and still have time to blog!

primdollie said...

wow girl lots of fun new art and lots of great pics and esp the kids too!! so the last one finally off and running aye!!! glad you are getting a bit of quiet time here and there now!!! wish i had just 1/2 of your energy!!! goodness girl you are super woman for sure!!! send some of that energy this way!!! work sure wears me out so have no idea how you do it all but sure is amazing work dear!! thanks for sharing!! and love the pic of Stephanie and Christopher they are so sweet together!!!! hugs to ya!! Linda