Tuesday, December 1, 2009

finished Doll room

I realized yesterday that i forgot to upload finished pictures of the new room! I have moved stuff in. Of course it will never be done done..as I know things will be added over time! I do have to finish getting the old paint and varnish off the floors from the workroom days..but mostly it is done! Here is my bellydance practice/exercise area
My doll shelves and houses in place..here you can see I still need to scrape the french door windows..
Details all around..so glad it is done..phew!

a couple of my doll houses..too funny. I used to giggle at the concept of the little old ladies and their doll rooms...who knew?..now i am one! Ha hahahahaha! but hey! I an having more fun with this than any other hobby I have had..so ba humbug on the nay sayers..*sigh* had one the other day..a very close member of my family...she just won't ever get it....the funny thing is..rather than bothering me too much, I just have this desire to talk about my dolls even more..hahahaha (no passive/agressiveness in me what-so-ever.hahaha)

So here it is...I am now currently reorganizing and cleaning up the rest of my studio to match the neatness in here....it may take me a while..well, not too long since i have friends coming on the 13th...after my trip this weekend it is all out cleaning for a week! I'll share pics when i get done!


Joanne Huffman said...

Angela, this looks incredible! You did a fantastic job.

Aileen said...

Angela you really out did yourself it's adorable!!

Judy Streger said...

I only have one comment--"WOW!" You've done an amazing job.

Gina M Smith said...

How exciting- would love to see it sometime!