Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas 2009!

The lovely snow angels do their patrol at the North Pole, the elves frolick with their freind Mr Patrick Polar Bear! icy yet happy, is the way at the North Pole~!
Nutcrackers stand guard at the front door of our home! Delighting young and old!...

the wonder of the house with many jaws dropping open, is the 12 foot tall tree that you stumble upon immediately entering the front room..try decorating on a 10 foot step ladder when you are afraid of heights..haha! The angel being the most challenging item to place! I wonder if she suffers from many nose bleeds at that height! haha....not seen due to high altitude in this photo! I think there was a cloud cover this day!
Okay had to show this years favorite Christmas outfit...feeling a bit ornery here..hahaha! naughty Christmas fairy i
The boys in their new jammie bottoms from thier Oma Carol and Opa Norbert!
Although this is their natural state! in undies all the way...future bribery material! haha!! for the girlfriends in a few Mantel this year! Looks so pretty in it's simplicity! At night the red lights are so warm and cheery!
Last but not least, the pictures from my stocking! Lou gave me the most delightful treasures! I am practiacally speechless with all of the wonderful wonderful vintage goodies. She really hit my likes like the head on a wow wow! Lou! THANK YOU!!!! My most favorite thing..the little doll..and the tiny felt heart needle keeper!
all of my super wonderful goodies! mostly vintage! wow!
So here it is in a tiny nutshell! this past month has been so pack full with fun and wonder and hard work! The month started with a weekend retreat with my most wonderful and precious Altered Art Divas gathered at Kari's house in Ohio. Our host was so gracious and spoiled us rotten with all of her lovely food, hospitality and suprises! many gifts were made and exchanged!
The following weekend was a wonderful day spent with some of my closest Blythe doll girlfriends. I even managed to get my studio cleaned up..the nicest it has been in a couple of years...a fun filled day that Sunday!
Then it was time to prepare for our annual office Christmas party the following Friday! An 80's themed Christmas party! What a blast we all had. dinner was catered by the most wonderful little restaurant here in Battle Creek, BiCi Bistro! thank you Shaun for such a wonderful fare! The chocolate fountain has now become a tradition with lots of goodies for dipping!*0's music and delicious spirits for all to enjoy!
So today, the last day of the crazy busy month is here...I can relax and cook in my pajamas! This has got to be the quietest Christmas on record. This morning for the unwrapping was Art, myself and the 3 little boys...that was it. This is the first christmas ever that all of the kids weren't here...a bit strange, but they do grow up don't they?
so Merry Christmas everyone! and Wishes also for a Happy New Year!


Joanne Huffman said...

Love the festive photos! Hope you all have a great week and Happy New Year.

The Backporch Artessa said...

Sounds absolutely HEAVENLY! I'm glad you had such a great and fun filled month! Now we're on to the creative new year!