Wednesday, February 18, 2009

i really am bad aren't I?...okay let's see huge ketchup needed

Well it was a romantic month around here so far! Lot's of goings on and romantic art and swaps and romance going on in the dolly world aka Sunny Blythe Towers~
First off I was in one of the most fun swaps ever for Valentine's Day. This was with the Altered Art Divas. I was in a pinch with a sick kid(story of my life this past 6 weeks..if not one is sick then another one is *sigh* and couldn't get to the store to buy a heart i made one from fabric and foam core. I created the top by making a fun crazy quilt from various vintage and new fabrics and laces...and then filled it full with goodies! Beth Bricker was the person i sent to!this is the contents before i added a top layer of more fun to fill..we are doing an easter basket swap next yippeee!
Here is the box that Andi made for me...i just love it! It too was filled with all sorts of yummy and fun goodies..It was amazing~
The romance was in the air as Patrick and Madison go out on their first date for icecream...he is such a sweetie....Madison I think, is falling for him~
Chaos also ensued. Poor Mitzi was having nightmares that she had turned into Alice in Wonderland and her bedroom was filled with characters from the movie...she must be watching too much Disney lately...

The Kitties threw a suprise party for a friend of ours..they had delicious cream frosting and strawberries on the yummy cake!

We got a new family member, a custom doll by a new friend of ours in Canada! she has the sweetest customs out there..she goes by blytheplanet on flickr....Michele is her name. This is Olive...Olive got a new bedroom in the Sunny Blythe Towers Annex..OLive loves to wear pink..but refused to be okay living in a predominatly pink bedroom~

I also decided it was time for me to get around to making chains for my reading glasses that i need for almost everything any here 3 of the batch that i made...need to make a few more. I have a growing collection of reading least i can always manage to find a pair

I was also inspired to create another vintage button and bead necklace using a couple of kits from French General(through paula's kit club) and various components i had on hand..brown and pink makes such a lovely combination..this is my favorite one yet!

Our Frog family expanded by adopting firs two toddlers....Here is Trixie tucking in the kids....

but Trixie and Ed had fallen so much in love..they decided to adopt twin newborn babies too!! Ed is such a wonderful dad! He always seems to have one wee on on his knee at all times! Here they are in their new studio flat!

I tried something new! Needle felting...i think needle felting and I will be getting along quite to only find more time

We had a snow fairy visit us a lot during the month of much so i had to chase her down and very kindly ask her to lighten up a little and not send us quite so much snow...i think she finally hasn't been so bad the last couple of weeks!

I actually had a day a couple of weekends ago that i had time to make a few valentines..i even mailed them..ha ha! I can't tell you how many cards i have bought or made..but never made it into the mail~ These we so fun to make!

These are post it note booklets. I made these as gifts for the little ones' teachers

The inside of one..a very fun project and makes such a fun gift to give!

Ash our resident boy toy took Kendall out for a date..but as they were leaving for a movie heard some good news. A toast is in order...(Kendall is wearing a dress i had made for her)
See Love is really in the air this month...the love birds were singing so much Pistachio had to go see what all the racket was on the patio..(she is also wearing a dress i had made)

Darla pitches in cleaning up after all the boys in the house(in a new dress too....ha ha!! made these 3 dresses super bowl sunday morning instead of computering) She was a bit worried about Anni...Anni had just told Arturo the news

Anni had not been feeling herself lately, she has been so tired and has been throwing up at weird times..and waking up in the middle of the night needing weird foods.. ... she finally breaks it to Arturo....Honey..I am pregnant....yes we have pregnant plastic here.....this story is to be continued(after the major studio overhaul i am in the middle of...) but keep watching folks..some twists and turns are planned....

One last bit of news at the Sunny Blythe Towers....the cakes finally got their new home. The had to endure a horrible uprising from some of the other members of the gemini angel art studio society...but they now have their own cottage to be comfie in on the block...

Well that is it for now..I hope you enjoyed the update of the crazy life around here..The studio is where i go to escape in between sick kids(all three at different times of course..the minute i think it is getting back to normal...wham another trip to the doctor..two cases of strep so far..another with gastritus from his nerves of starting a new diagnosed with sensory defensiveness....3 times a week therapy at the it was rough at times and very crazy since before Christmas.Oh speaking of which.. I am happy to report that Art is now doing well and has built his blood back up and finally seems to have energy again...but i won't bore you with the life details more than life is good..even though i have a strep throat sickie on the couch as i does make it so i HAVE to stay home...oh darn...okay now off to clean the house!!
Happy Days to all of you!!


Judy Streger said...

Has anyone ever told you that you are a nut case? If not, let me be the first. The adventures of the Blythe dolls had me cracking up. I can't wait to see what results from Anni's pregnancy.

Joanne Huffman said...

I love my Valentine. I hope everyone gets healthy. I suspect that things will be better when (if?) spring ever arrives. Be sure to take care of yourself.


Constance Blythe said...

Oh my goodness a romance....